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In honor of Joe Don Baker's birthday, sound off with your favorite quote from either Mitchell or Final Justice.

Kadınlarımızın gözlerindeki gülüşe bile tahammül edemeyen karanlığı, - kadınlarımızın azmi, - kadınlarımızın kararlılığı ve - kadınlarımızın gücüyle aşacağız. Çocuklarının üzerine titreyen anne şefkatiyle, memleketimizi el birliğiyle aydınlığa çıkaracağız. #TürkiyeİYİolacak

Everyone in Batman, remember this: when Labor candidates get to Canberra, they vote how the factions tell them to. But the Greens’ @alexbhathal will show courage and vote how YOU want her to.

The attention of INEC has been drawn to videos & pictures purportedly showing some underaged thumb printing ballot papers in a recent election. The Commission wishes to inform the public that the images do not relate in any way to any election organised or conducted by INEC.