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Bio Twitler turned me into an activist. #CountryBeforeParty #Resist #FBR #NoConCon
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Android : 🚨You want to see this!🚨
Watch Teresa Tomlinson explain exactly how quickly the call for a #ConventionOfStates is going!!

Don't let anyone tell you this can't happen!! It's happening!!

Be a #NoConCon Warrior!
Spread the word!…

Android : Guys, I know that it's hard. It never gets easier. Literally. But it's easier by yourself because you're not worrying about what "he" is going to think about your behavior.

If you EVER worry about that, just go.

If you want to talk, please dm me.


Android : After this man threatened to light the couch on fire and drag it behind his car because I slept on it with the colicky child instead of with him, I knew I had to get out. So I did. And then it got better. So, we tried again.

Android : Heyyyooooo loves. I've never told this story before. At least not out loud to all the people...

But, like, shitty things are shitty, and sometimes I think it's important to talk about the climb out of the abyss

Android : We expect so much from our teachers, is it asking too much to pay them a livable wage??

"Teachers have reached their breaking point"

West Virginia teachers are on the brink of their first statewide strike in nearly 30 years…

Android : As Catholics, we support each and every woman’s right to follow her conscience in matters of reproductive healthcare. We say #stopthebanSC because when abortion restrictions are imposed, women lose autonomy over their body and conscience…

Android : In October we delivered testimony against this ban, saying: “Bans on abortion for a particular reason only serve to shame, judge and punish women while forcing medical providers to interrogate their patients seeking care.” Read our full testimony here:…

Android : Now that Trump has refused to impose the sanctions on Russia Congress passed, senators from Trump's party are acting as though sending Putin a strongly worded letter via the media is every bit as effective. Maybe they should do their damn jobs and hold Trump to account, instead.…

Android : No, gun control won't completely prevent murders. That said, condoms don't always prevent pregnancy and STDs: BUT THEY ARE STILL A PRETTY GOOD FUCKING IDEA. Same logic applies to this debate.


dale hansen 👏👏👏👏

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Android : Susan Richards SnoozyQ “Will have “Catastrophic” effects on the economy, jobs & health care programs. This is important to understand. Watch the video and you’ll understand why. 34 states needed to pass this amendment & 28 states have already signed on.

Android : Take the money that was meant for the wall and give it to the teachers. A much more worthwhile cause and will actually accomplish something.…