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Bio Twitler turned me into an activist. #CountryBeforeParty #Resist #NoConCon

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Android : #Arkansas

You all have Primary Elections, tomorrow, 5/22/18.

Go vote as if your life depended on it because it does.

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Android : Today in the blame game 4 mass shootings it's Ritalin
Video games
Too many doors in schools
Duffle bags
Teachers needing guns
Schools needing armed guards
Schools needing metal detectors

👉's the guns stupid!

Android : Houston PC: I know some have strong feelings about gun rights but I want you to know I've hit rock bottom & I am not interested in your views as it pertains to this issue. Please do not post anything about guns aren't the problem & there's little we can do…

Android : We strenuously disagree with their analysis for their lack of success!

👉We posit that their lack of progress was due to the AWAKENING of America & THAT my friends is to YOUR credit! Its much harder to do something in secret once the word is out!

Android : Our local Republican running as a Dem Annabelle Robertson tells a crowd she would like to kill her ex!

Who does this in front of a crowd containing her children?

That's right, Trump said he could murder someone in broad daylight and no one would care!…

Android : TODAY (May 21st) is the deadline to register to vote in the Alabama June 5th Primary!

Pls update your registration status.

Have you checked your registration status lately?

Go to to check your status & find your polling location.


Android : Emperor 👑 Trump Makes Demands! He Continues To Think He Is Above The ⚖️ Law, And He Strives To Disrupt The Effectiveness of The FBI & Justice Department.

He is Still Obsessed With Former President Obama & Wants Unquestioned Authority! This is NOT #Russia 🇷🇺 Trump!

Android : For My History Lovers 🙌⭐🇺🇸

Yes, #AmeliaEarhart supported the #ERA! 💖

Demand #ERAnow to ensure lawmakers in IL House & #NCGA #RatifyERA this month.📢

#OTD #Herstory #PassTheERA

Cc: David Dismore Rethinking Eve ERAVoices ERAMN ERA-NC Alliance ERA Action Carla Cunningham LWV of the US

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Android : Guys we have 15 days left in the Mississippi primaries. We are 1/3 of the way to our 6,000 dollar goal! Can we hit our goal by next Friday!? Join the movement, become a #surfer and ##ridethebluewave…

Android : Its time for our voices to be heard. Everyday Arkansans like you and me have the power to change Washington.

Im Gwen Combs, and Im running for U.S. Congress to fight for the people. Vote for me on May 22nd. Vote for change. #ar2 #arpx

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Android : Do U Love US Constitution? 🇺🇸

Would U die 2 protect it? ☠️

It's being attacked 🔪

Presently in MN PA NJ NC and IL 🔥

Dying is not required.


All necessary info in thread ⏬
#NoConCon #NoConCon4AnyReason #Kochs…

Android : But...
Before you leave😉
Please take a minute to help us do a better job getting the word out abt this nefarious #Koch backed effort to rewrite our US Constitution

What can we do more/less of?
What can you do?
Do u want to join us?
😊Comments/Questions/Ideas Welcome

Android : We've expanded U.S. work to help:
✔ Fight opioid crisis
✔ Help hurricane recovery
✔ Improve community health
✔ Promote early childhood literacy…

Android : Trump’s claim of an embedded “spy” is nonsense. His “demand” DOJ investigate something they know to be untrue is an abuse of power, and an effort to distract from his growing legal problems. Never mind that DOJ has warned that lives and alliances are at risk. He doesn’t care.…

Android : 📣Article V supporters are mourning a bad year😊

👊Let me stress unequivocally that it has been a good year for #NoConCon Warriors!

Bc of Twitter & tirelessly spreading the word abt this stealth movement,we were able to stop it in almost every state that considered it this yr🍻