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#Clockblockers & #SPNFamily. CRUCIAL TIME TEAM mission! Season 1 of @NBCTimeless is on @hulu. Spread the word! RETWEET! Get people hooked so they tune in for SEASON 2 on March 11. Counting on you! @ShawnRyanTV @abigailspencer @MattLanter @malcolmbarrett @sakinajaff @JustDoumit

5+ ads in 11 min long video but can't even link people's channels in the description, not cool

New Magic Board game “Heroes of Dominaria.” Out this summer. Displayed at New York Toyfair.(was this known about?) #NYTF #magicthegathering

One of the foundations of Lent is charity. The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal do it every day, and today I took part in their monthly "Pater Noster" food distribution at Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent in the Bronx.