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iPhone : دجللال آباد د کریکت میدان شهیدان ته دعا ک‌ؤ.
او ځوان هدایت زهیر نه تنها دجلال آباد شهید ده بلکه د ټول افغانستان قهرمان شهید دی.
خو دیړ په ناځوانې توګهله منځه لاړ.
زموژ شهیدان د نامردان له لاسه له وژل کېژې
خو افغانان هم به دومره ناتوان به نه یې.
دافغان خشم نه دښمن خبردار یې.

iPhone : DEVASTATING news from Jelalabad.We lost an other colleague+8 to terror last night.He was here 4 days ago to promote sports&youth.
1st ever night Cricket game.
I promised to attend next week. Terrorizing us will not work. We fight. We are SAD& mad.
RIP angel!

Twitter Web Client : کراچی والوں ہم آرہے ہیں
آپ ہر حال میں جلسہ گاہ پہنچ جاؤ جو دہشت اور خوف تمہارے دلوں میں ہے آجاؤ آج موقع ہے ان کو تھوڑو آج نہیں تو پھر کھبی بھی نہیں ۔
منظور پشتون کا اہل کراچی کے نام نیا ویڈیو پیغام ۔

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iPhone : BBC Pashto - افغان سفیر د ځوانو نړیوالو مشرانو په لست کې نومول شوی bbc.com/pashto/afghani…

شاغلي محب ته دا لوى افتخار چه د يو افغان به حيث د تولو ًحوانانو نه به نمايندگي وكري مبارك وايم

iPhone : The NBA world was in awe of LeBron James buzzer-beater.

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iPhone : اولتر إز همه، درياي "هلمند" نام اش است نه "هيرمند"!!!
بعدأ، قرارداد سال 1973 موجود است و افغانستان هميشه پابند أن بوده.
در آخر لطفاً از اين تهديد هاي خام دست برداريد، كودكستان نيست!!! twitter.com/dw_persian/sta…

iPhone : This time it’s Khost!
Afghans Killed by terrorists for registering to vote!
Afghans are targeted regardless of religion or ethnicity!
Pure terrorism!
An other sad day for us.
World’s reaction this time? twitter.com/ap/status/9930…

iPhone : The e-Tazkira program generates a variety of benefits for individuals, businesses, and government including paving way for facilitating commerce in the digital economy, enabling e-government services and their speedy delivery, and improving security for online transactions.

Twitter Web Client : The killing of 10 journalist by Daesh+++ is an other TRAGEDY for us
This imposed War has a clear goal; to terrorize us
Families of the victims & The Nation is mourning
Very SAD, we are. VERY.
D Security sectors must do more to protect (cordoning off areas) journalists.