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Bio Don’t worry about cool, make your own uncool. Make your own, your own world. Sol LeWitt -- Eva Hesse -- us.
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iPhone : I’m moving in to my new place and very grubby and perhaps might be using a little bit of magic, but seriously, can you blame me? #wandsup !! Aaaand the #CrimesofGrindlewald teaser trailer is out today watch it now!! ❤️✨❤️✨

iPhone : And as Greenpeace’s Antarctic Ambassador, I’d like to share this video to introduce you to some of the badass women I had the pleasure of getting to know on the Arctic Sunrise. They seem to be able to survive without hairdressers, somehow... ;)…

iPhone : It’s not only ok to be human in our womanhood, it’s gorgeous. It’s real. My heart is held together by the extraordinary women I hold in it. I can’t imagine a world without them. I am enfolding you in this embrace, with all of us, and wishing you a very happy #internationwomensday

iPhone : It’s ok to not know what you’re doing, to feel things that seemingly contradict each other, make mistakes. We may have the gift of excellent instincts, but we also have a society that actively teaches us to ignore them. So, in finding our truth, our paths, we’re bound to stumble.

iPhone : I’m learning each day to embrace more of myself, especially the parts I don’t particularly like. I’m learning that being a woman is not about getting it right, being a saint, being nice, always having it together. It’s not about “being good” or doing what you think you should do.

iPhone : May we allow ourselves to be courageous and scared, vivid and boring, loving and grumpy, messy, flawed, generous, volatile, intelligent, curious, pissed off, bold, big, powerful, uncertain, whatever, all of it.

iPhone : Thinking of all the incredible women in this wide world tonight. May we celebrate all the colors within us- including those that perhaps may be considered un-beautiful by society.

iPhone : David + I talked long + hard in Antarctica about many serious things. It’s hard to be serious when penguins keep making fun of you behind your head. It’s also hard to be serious when someone keeps saying puke all the time. Someone * cough David Harbour

iPhone : Live stream is happening in just under an hour and a half- if you have any questions for me (or someone on board ) ask away!

iPhone : I think I’m going to attempt a livestream today, 5pm our time, which is 3PM EST, noon PST, 8PM GMT... I’ll show you around a little and introduce you to some of my shipmates 🚢

iPhone : It’s our first day on the water. All I can really do is lie down and roll with the waves. Slightly green, but it’s also strangely calming... kind of rocks you to sleep, if you let it. I’m letting it. #protectantarctic #dayoneatsea

Instagram : first day of exploration #chile @greenpeace #protectantarctic

iPhone : Went snorkeling this morning, on the last day of island living before we start our long, exciting journey to the bottom of the world..was so excited to see the coral and the undersea wildlife in the warm waters before the cold. The sight was devastating.