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Bio “Yesterday I wasn’t crying in my room, I was INVESTING in myself.”
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iPhone : *sitting in nuclear fall out shelter sometime in the near future*
Trump supporter: “I just thought he’d be good for the econo-“
*other survivors eat him*

Twitter Web Client : Ignore this.
Get your IDs.
Make plans to vote in groups.
Check your registration often.
There will be suppression. People kicked off voter rolls. And as always, gerrymandering.
We must overwhelm to overcome and take our democracy back.
#BlueWave2018 is a CALL TO ACTION.…

iPhone : When bae doesn’t want to hang out 24/7:

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Twitter Web Client : Me: *styling my thinning hairline* What do you think of this pompadour?

Her: How about you pompa-DON’T?

Me: 🎵Pompa-don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep-🎵

Couples counselor: K, stop. I know you’ve only been here 10 seconds, but I’m recommending a trial separation.