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Twitter Web Client : Lost 1-3 to Komorikiri. My diddy almost beat him every game but i fuckin sd'ed, then game 4 I went Mario then he won super last hit.

I just cant wait for Smash Switch, this game is super dead to me when it comes to my character lineup. My secondaries do better than my Mario

iPhone : Omg i fuckin hate how long it takes to walk out of the Momocon, Im pissed about losing and I felt like my power walk out the venue took like 15 minutes

iPhone : What a clutch move from ..... @ Momocon!
Fludd followed by that signature up smash! 💪


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iPhone : I beat dyr 2–1 last hit, that was a smart ass ending by me

Heres a pic with me and Kisame, he said im his fav player haha

iPhone : I beat Zebra’s Mewtwo 2-0, hes usually the kind of player I get upset by so im glad I pulled thru. Especially since game 2 was last hit

I play dyr next

iPhone : Person : “Hey ANTI, wanna get some games in?”
Me : “One sec, im busy”

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iPhone : Yall really love blaming “top player privilege” for everything when a non-ranked player showed up 40 mins late to my pool and got let back into the bracket as well

The line to get into the venue was mad long and the TO’s were told to have mercy. Not because ppl are top players twitter.com/fat_aime/statu…