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Android : "No matter how much the Devil gives, he will take it back. Regardless of how smart you are, you're going to lose at the end." - Shina Rambo.

Android : This Malo girls be drifting with Benz not just ordinary Benz - Mercedes Benz o . Wey boys dey take collect knacks for gidi 🤦🏾‍♂️

Android : AlhassanTanko ASV Going by your same analogy, PMB is also using the herdsmen to good use. Couple that with so many cases of corruption swept under the rug, ineptitude in handling the economy, disaster of fuel crisis. Damn!! You shot yourself in the foot there biggly

Android : I will call upon the Lord
Who is worthy to be praised
So shall I be saved from my enemies

The Lord reigneth
Blessed be the Lord
And let the Rock of my salvation be exalted
#GreatGrace2018 #Praise

Android : Everything I thought I would be by now... growing up.....I didn't become. God has His plans.....I had my fantasies. 😂😂🙏🏾🙏🏾

Android : The last time Chelsea won Champions League Man city were EPL champions, Chelsea was managed by an italian coach, a short black player (mdfldr) wore jersey 7 and the most expensive player in the squad a striker wore jersey 9 and he was from spain,
And eliminated Barca from UCL 😁

Android : To those sycophants that went to Aso Rock to 'sympathize' with Buhari on the loss of his in law, please ask him why he did not visit Benue to sympathize' with Nigerians who lost parents and children to Buhari's killer Fulani herdsmen kinsmen? Don’t they have feelings like Buhari?

Android : Is it only Buhari that grieves when his relations die? Dont Benue people grieve? Is it only Buhari that is devastated when his son, Yusuf, is hurt? Dont Benue people also love their sons and daughters? So why is Buhari receiving sympathizers yet he couldn't sympathize with Benue?

Android : But how can you have a woman like this ahome and still run after one skinny low life girl, that all she knws how to eat is Kfc. Some guys are just insanely mad.

Android : I was sick reading sycophants heap hypocritical condolence on Buhari and Buratai for losing relatives. Sycophants who could not condole with Benue, Taraba and Kaduna for the lives lost to Buhari's killer Fulani brethren. Is it only Buhari and Buratai who know how to feel loss?

Android : I though President Buhari said the killer Fulani herdsmen issue is a ‘police affair’? I hope the President has heard how his kinsmen attacked the police, overwhelmed them, destroyed their vehicles and some policemen are still missing? Does he still think it is a 'Police affair'?

Android : Perhaps the greatest miracle in The Bible is that Jesus fed 5,000 people. Perhaps the greatest irony in today's church is that 5,000 people feed their pastors. Modern Christianity has changed from a faith that leads to salvation, to a faith that leads to prosperity #RenosNuggets