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iPhone : Wow 😊. Thanks GSN
Couldn’t do it without the incredible support of the queer community here. Especially the trans community 💜💜…

iPhone : I’ve heard from several sources that the quality of data going in to myHR is not good.…

iPhone : The fact that patients are forced to choose between wait listing for months, spending hundreds of dollars to get quicker access or presenting at ER to get scans immediately is a very bad outcome

iPhone : So this medical test costs money if I get it outside hospital. Bouncing solutions with the GP atm. One we're considering - sending me to ER with a GP's letter explaining symptoms. Can't wait til September as a hospital outpatient

iPhone : GoFundMe for man who ‘told PM to piss off’
Mr Dastyari has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Brisbane man who was fined $250 for allegedly yelling abuse at Mr Turnbull… via

iPhone : We still have no confirmed assistant secretary for East Asia and the Pacific, and ambassadorships in Seoul, Singapore, Canberra, Jakarta (ASEAN), and Manila (ADB) are vacant.…

iPhone : Police have warned that a major Telstra outage is impacting people trying to call Triple-0. #7News…

iPhone : *Of course* a local resident took a photo of the incident - and here it is…

iPhone : Telstra: What are you looking for in a phone company?

Customers: Reasonable rates, good customer service, reliable network.

Telstra: Pick one.

iPhone : Think of how interests align:
Your local mechanic wants to preserve the life of your vehicle so you keep coming back.
Your OEM dealership wants you to consider your current model obsolete ASAP so that you buy this year's model.…

iPhone : I have location services OFF for my cell-o-park app for a reason. But seems like it makes no difference if you're sending them my data anyway.