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Bio Press Aide to @KarzaiH, former President of The Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan
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iPhone : Winter or Summer: Very few places can compete with the beautiful and dramatic nature of Bamyan. A future tourist attraction and alpine ski resort. The site of World Championships!…

iPhone : Political uprising of young Pashtuns from FATA inspired hope due to its total non violent & peaceful character. Evil forces want to provoke them to violence by target killing their cadres. Hope they will defeat new conspiracy like they defeated the old ones.

iPhone : د ستر لیکوال او محقق استاد عبدالله خدمتګار بختانی مړینه د نړۍ ټولو افغانانو د پاره لوۍ تاوان دې. د هغوۍ علمی ، ادبی او فرهنګی خدمتونو ارزښت به تلپاتې وی. د هغوۍ کورنۍ، مینه والو ټول افغان ته تسلیت وایو . اروا یې ښاد…

iPhone : Happy to see the launch of TAPI, an economic project of regional and national importance. Hoping for the quick implementation of this much hoped for project.

iPhone :
با این‌حال، کرزی که انگلیسی را بی‌نقص و روان حرف می‌زند، با همه‌ی اتهامات تیره و تارش می‌تواند دیپلماتیک و به‌صورت خوشایندی خودآگاه باشد. او به طرز غیرمنتظره‌یی از یک موضع سوءظن‌گرایانه‌ی رنجش‌آور به یک فضای سرشار از نشاط تغییر جهت ‌می‌دهد.

iPhone : Former President Hamid Karzai met with a group of elders from #Shinwari district of #Nangarhar, in his office on Wednesday.

The elders highlighted their problems and asked for scholarships. The former President assured them of providing all forms of support as possible. #Karzai

iPhone : Every outlaw bug that is unfit in their country has been sent to Afghanistan to add to its already suffering situation…

iPhone : US Secretary Robert Gates wrote in his memoir about the United States’ blatant attempt to unseat President Hamid Karzai in 2009 Presidential elections in Afghanistan. Saying it was “our clumsy and failed putsch”.

#Karzai #RoberGates #Memoir…

iPhone : The senseless violence is taking the lives of our compatriots all in the interests of those who want us weak and struggling. We will not rest until we have expelled the violence and darkness of extremism from Afghanistan.…