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iPhone : We continue to cover the shooting in #SantaFeHigh MSNBC. On this Sunday of mourning and reflection, Sabika Sheikh, the Pakistani exchange student, will be buried later today

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iPhone : Ouch... in normal times this would be funny... but with this POTUS it may trigger a diplomatic incident between two close allies 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 twitter.com/bbcthree/statu…

iPhone : I always think about the victims’ parents on these nights. You pour yourself into your child with every bottle in the middle of the night, every hand held crossing the street, every ride to practice, every hug, every laugh, every cry — and then to lose him or her like this. RIP.

iPhone : Q: 1) As US Mideast envoy cant you confirm “reports” from the govts you’re supposedly in touch with?
2) Why do you rely on vague “media reports” when stories reflect Israels positive humanitarian efforts towards Gaza but dismiss on-the-ground media reporting as Hamas-propaganda? twitter.com/jdgreenblatt45…

iPhone : Alright - here you go. The drugs, music and gambling behind the #RoyalWedding2018 -- thanks for letting me make a mess of it Morning Joe First Look yasminvossoughian Ayman Mohyeldin

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iPhone : Maybe they should focus less on the Muslim prayer rooms and focus more on stopping the Islamophobic voices on their air #justsaying twitter.com/gabrielsherman…

iPhone : Listen up, our poll is live... Louis and Bill wore the same suit on set today... not to mention Cal Perry decided to not get dressed up for the royal wedding #firstlookfashion twitter.com/mjfirstlook/st…

iPhone : Egypt’s President makes rare decision to open Gaza border crossing to “alleviate human suffering” for one month... then they have to go back to suffering #gaza #israel #egypt twitter.com/guardian/statu…

iPhone : If they find out that he owned a green shirt, he can definitely be labeled a member of Hamas twitter.com/mehdirhasan/st…

iPhone : What do you get when you cross three determined and impressive young female Syrian refugees from Lebanon and a robotics competition in Kentucky? A top 5% finish and an award for most inspirational entry. My best meeting this year.

iPhone : For US media commentators who like to harp about PalestinIans teaching their kids maps that dont show Israel: the “History of Zionism” exhibition shows Israeli school kids looking at a map of Israel that includes ALL Occupied Palestinian Territories AND the Golan Heights in Syria

iPhone : I can only imagine what the context is in which this guy, at what seems is a pro-israel/pro-trump rally is shouting at someone “you are not a Jew!!”... He really must have some non-ethnically-based progressive views on the Israeli-PalestinIan conflict... Shaun King jordan twitter.com/jordanuhl/stat…

iPhone : When a young #Tunisian man who couldn’t tolerate his life of poverty & oppression set himself on fire to end his misery, the world mourned him as heroic martyr. When young Palestinians in #Gaza tried to get out from poverty & oppression, they were called terrorists & killed.

iPhone : NGO Monitor) 's Twitter Profile">NGO Monitor Zaab Sethna B) NGO Monitor) 's Twitter Profile">NGO Monitor speaking of intellectual honesty... you can’t even get the members of the security council correct. I’m sure Amb Haley wouldn’t compare Israel w/ authoritarian regimes like Egypt, Cuba et al but it seems that’s the bar you are setting for Israel to pass

iPhone : NGO Monitor Zaab Sethna A) don’t forget UK (India et al) France (all of w. africa) that’s the point, look at how that played out for the western liberal democracies (since Israel refers to itself as one) on that list. They all recognized what they were doing was wrong and illegal and ultimately ended it