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Twitter Web Client : New YouTube video is out: DocTube | Best Dr DisRespect Moments #6

FULL VIDEO: youtu.be/r6iQU_sodFM

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iPhone : Today’s livestream may or may not happen depending on a few things:

- New salt water lap pool installation
- New interior in the helicopter
- New flip phone arrives off of eBay

Will keep you updated.

iPhone : When the doc goes live Dr DisRespect

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iPhone : Dr DisRespect I think my daughter has learned a little something from you.

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iPhone : Hey Joe Rogan, 2.5 million dollars isn’t going to be enough for the 2x back-to-back multiplayer online champion.

Let’s make it 7.1 million, and then you can have me on your podcast.

End of discussion.

Twitter Web Client : Something about being at the top. Lots of ankle grabbers and wannabes.

2018 is mine. 2019 and 2020 will be mine too.

Maybe even 2021 if I dont retire and become a movie star.

What a stream today #ChampionsClub. 10 wins.