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iPhone : Congratulations To #WrestlingWithWrestling's
Six Sided Podcast

His New Born Baby Who Was Born Prematurely, Was Released From The Hospital After A Tiny Unexpected Holdover

She's The 2nd Beautiful Newborn into the WrestlingWithWrestling.Com Family In 2018 & Ghetto187's Newborn Neice

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Heres His 2nd #Youtube Channel Called #Ghetto187Murda

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iPhone : Last Night On #ImpactWrestling
We Saw A 7/47 In Flight,
Much To The Delight Of @ImpactWrestling Watching Worldwide On @PopTv
As Tyrus Returned, Displaying His Inner Luchador Alongside @TheRealEC3
vs @FindEvan & John Morrison
Glad To See #PlanetTyrus Again
I Missed Him!

iPhone : Austin Aries defended the World Championship vs. Eli Drake, Taiji Ishimori faced Fantasma, Allie had a secret admirer and so much more! has the full results from last nights show!


iPhone : Redemption isnt just the name of our next PPV, its a mission statement. Were not asking for redemption, we plan to earn it - little by little every week. Jump on board now because were creating something special. Thanks for watching, well see you next week. #IMPACTonPop

iPhone : IMPACT Great as always

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iPhone : AND STILL IMPACT World Champion - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Austin Aries. #IMPACTonPop

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iPhone : .Austin Aries holding the IMPACT World, IPW, DEFIANT Wrestling and WorldSeriesWrestling Championships. Collecting belts all over the world. #IMPACTonPop

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iPhone : The Cult of Lee will face a significantly tougher challenge than The Mumbai Cats next week as they go toe to toe with LAX in a non-title match. #IMPACTonPop

iPhone : .The Demon Assassin has Hania trapped in the Upside Down. #IMPACTonPop

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iPhone : Rejoice Hivelings, The Demon Assassin has arrived! #IMPACTonPop The Demon Assassin

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iPhone : BREAKING NEWS: Our first new tent-pole PPV event since 2005 - REDEMPTION - will take place in Orlando, FL on April 22nd. Make your plans now to join us for a huge night!