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iPhone : All you white knights that try too hard have cracks in your armor.

That’s why you break so easily when exposed..

iPhone : Eiichiro Oda is truly the antithesis of Akira Toriyama. While Toriyama strived towards sleeker designs and transformations with less minor details, Oda thinks And theyre should be a plume of steam wherever Luffy goes.

iPhone : Think about all the stuff going on in the world today.

Then think about your problems.

Doesn’t even compare. Why would I let most issues get me down when kids are getting killed at school, countries are running low on water, and my dad is about to have heart surgery.


iPhone : ⚠️Grab your streamers and fanny packs, were Kicking it Old School!

Saturday March 10th
LIVE @ NYC Arena
Meet & Greet 4pm
Belltime 6pm

Limited tickets left @ HOGwrestling.net

You never know who may show up at #KIOS, you will regret missing this event!

iPhone : #FreshCop

Way below market value...

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iPhone : Magic Johnson one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Magic Johnson THE worst basketball commentator of all time.

iPhone : True God® (DAR) Dude! Him and Odom was putting in work.

But watching that game felt like watching a street ball game in the hood. I didn’t realize that when I watched it live, but on rewatch they were playing hood ball. Hahah

iPhone : True God® (DAR) Rewatching some of the old games gives you a different respective and feeling on players.

I feel old watching the 2010 finals. Like, that sounds crazy to think that was almost a decade ago!!!

Ron Artest for MVP tho! Haha