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IFTTT : Am I a sucker who pays an extra dollar for a plastic cup? Yes. Is it a fuckin sweet cup? Also yes.

Android : Cameron I'm just talking about the stuff when emo first went mainstream, where a bunch of white guys cried about how a girl dumped them and their life is ruined and it's all her fault.

Android : I think emo music exacerbated one of the biggest issues with American society today; the general acceptance and praising of white males declaring themselves victims for petty reasons and demanding restitution.

I bet Trump listens to My Chemical Romance.

Android : This is rather pathetic. Having failed in their fraudulent attempts to remove signatures, they now throw a “Hail Mary” hoping to have the courts shut us down.

They won’t succeed. We are determined to make sure patients get the medicine they need. #utpol #patientsnotcriminals…

Android : Never run to catch a train. It's probably not even the right train. Am I right, guy who ran into an old woman only to find out the train he saw wasn't the one he wanted?

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Android : “Laurel” and “Yanny” are merely names for the same tortured scream, the deep hum of our universe hurtling toward nonexistence