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iPhone : Why are people feeling sorry for Ant McPartlin? He put a child in hospital through drink driving and people are saying ‘aww what a shame for him’ imagine he hit your child in a car pissed out he’s skull would you say aww then? Fucking jail him! Us ‘non celebs’ would of gone jail!

iPhone : Shaun Irvine I hope he don’t mate I felt sorry for him last year it was too much there was so many botches.. he’s another year older and had another operation since last year let him retire and hall of fame him he deserves that

iPhone : jordy athey james demings Don’t have be this bank holiday mate one we’re everybody is free I’ve had Sunday withdrawals ever since cuthberts last game! 😂😂😂

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iPhone : A referee once threatened to send me off because I had a offensive weapon on the pitch.. my shin pad come out my sock!!! It come loose I took it out then somebody passed me the ball and I had hold of it.. what damage could I do with a shin pad?? 😂😂😂😂…

iPhone : When you realise it’s international weekend and there is no premiership for two week..

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iPhone : The Division Bullshit sick of grinding for classified to get normal gear sets from superior cache’s!!!

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iPhone : jordy athey Mate what he’s doing in the hardest league on the world is nothing short of unreal he’s took over KDB for me but like Kane goals count for nothing if you win nothing.. and the Salah/Messi thing is a joke I wouldn’t compare Ronaldo to Messi nevermind Salah

iPhone : jordy athey Messi is a prolific winner and Salah is In form for Liverpool that’s the difference.. even berbatov scores 5 in a game and went on to win the league.. as good as Salah is he’s goals count for fuck all if Liverpool win nothing! But comparing to Messi is a insult to Messi!!

iPhone : Let’s be honest the Sevilla result could just be what we needed!!! Mourinho has seen we simply ain’t good enough new faces coming through and players leaving!! Big players in my opinion.. #MUFC Manchester United

iPhone : I’ve never really been a marvel fan always been team Batman and Anime fan The Goat Goku but gotta admit the new #AvengersInfinityWar trailer looks insane!!!!

iPhone : now dont get me wrong hes had a good season but get me whatever this lads been smoking i want a drag…