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Bio Proud son of Shahed Khalil Khan Karzai and brother of Shahed Hashmat Khan. Deputy Foreign Minister of Afg. Former Director of Center for Conflict and Peace St
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iPhone : “It’s time for the #UNSC to come together, to shoulder its responsibility to urgently avert a situation that is beyond words in its desperation.

On behalf of 🇸🇪&🇰🇼, I urge all Council members to support this resolution. If adopted, it can save lives.”

#Syria #EasternGhouta

Twitter Web Client : Prime Minister AJK Raja Farooq Haider Khan says the government is drafting legislation to provide #Zakat, donations and alms to the deserving people and institutions of the state.
He was addressing a seminar titled “Right to right people” in Muzaffarabad today (Thursday).

Twitter Ads Composer : Opium yields up in #Afghanistan; average yield (27.3 kg per hectare) up 15% in 2017 sigar.mil/pdf/quarterlyr…

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دیدبان شفافیت افغانستان می‌گوید که سقوط افغانستان در شاخص سنجش فساد بیانگر ناتوانی حکومت در امر مبارزه علیه فساد است و اقدامات مبارزه علیه فساد حکومت وحدت ملی غیرمستقل و سیاسی بوده است.

iPhone : #AFG - War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity, it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it. Martin Luther -

Exceptional work to display the human cost of #Afghan war by
Ben Anderson BILAL SARWARY twitter.com/benjohnanderso…

TweetDeck : فیصلے سے آئین کے آرٹیکل 62 اور 63 کا دائرہ کار مزید بڑھ گیا ہے، سینیٹ ارکان dawnnews.tv/news/1073885

iPhone : The man who hurled a bomb into the U.S. embassy compound in Podgorica, Montenegro, was an ex-soldier decorated by Slobodan Milosevic

iPhone : Läs Mona Lagerström: ”Muslimska brödraskapets förtrupp i Sverige Del 1 – Mattias Gardell, Omar Mustafa, Rashid Musa, Fatima Doubakil, Kitimbwa Sabuni, Maimuna Abdullahi, Mohammed Temsamani, Yasri Khan m.fl.” purdahbloggen.se/2018/02/21/mus…

Hootsuite : Delighted to welcome business representatives in the #Afghan private sector to my home this week to promote investment in electricity generation, aviation, trade facilitation, mining, manufacturing, and other industries in #Afghanistan. #USAfghanPartnership

Facebook : Had a brief but fruitful visit to Abu Dhabi yesterday, and managed to catch up with some old friends and take in... fb.me/11BQhCjYE