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Android : When #TrumpCo says that they didn’t know they were running for POTUS until 2015, ask why they registered their POTUS slogan in 2012. trademarks.justia.com/857/83/make-am…

Android : The Parkland shooting survivors tell Fox News that youre either with us or against us on gun control.#MarchForOurLives

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Android : #PollingPlaceEquipment

Some of the worst voting systems are in NJ, GA, SC, LA, NV

PA, FL, IN, KY, TN, TX are also on the bad side.

Click on your state and drill down to look at the counties at:

Stop #VoterSuppression Support #VoterRights!

Follow: twitter.com/VerifiedVoting…

Android : I don't know if this is true, but if it is, keep in mind that Konstantin Rykov, an ex-Russian pol now known as a key Kremlin propagandist, has said, with indicia of reliability, he began secretly working toward Trump's 2016 election in 2012 (around when Trump registered "MAGA"). twitter.com/MichaelSkolnik…

Android : Our growing community of #Wilderness and #publiclands advocates needs YOU! Please sign up now for our action alerts and e-news to help us #KeepItWild forever: bit.ly/2adNvQ1

Android : Photo: Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who paid Manafort for his pro-Russia work in Ukraine, is seen in this picture with Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was one of the Russians indicted today by Robert Mueller & Rod Rosenstein. #TrumpColluded

Android : We never talked to the Russians

We talked to the Russians but not about Clinton

We talk to the Russians about Clinton but there was no collusion

We talked to the Russians about Clinton and there was collusion but we didn't know they were Russians


Android : #flashbackfriday - a little context for the headlines. @MattBlaze from the #VotingVillage at #DEFCON 25, presenting "How Did We Get Here? A History of Voting Technology" Enjoy, and pass it on.

Android : Get the inside story behind a dangerous feud that has plunged the Middle East into unprecedented levels of violence, starting Feb 20 on FRONTLINE: to.pbs.org/2o6HfNq

Android : Foreign governments can buy ads targeting Americans, as long as they register. CONSPIRACY
They can’t commit mass identity theft and use falsified social media accounts to command an army of imposters. FRAUD twitter.com/renato_mariott…

Android : Ah. Now we get to see what Vice President Mike Pence #LiarPence was trying desperately to get out ahead of for the last three days with his series of hilarious #denials that EVEN IF #TrumpRussiaConspiracy existed, it didn't really effect the #Vote Totals. You can call #Mommy, but sir, you are a liar. twitter.com/AriMelber/stat…

Android : Official: Mueller says Russians conducted ‘information warfare’. Will UK govt finally acknowledge we urgently need our own Brexit investigation?? Evidence right here in this astonishing exchange between Ian Lucas MP & Facebook exec twitter.com/nowthisnews/st…

Android : Here are the highlights from the bombshell indictments the special counsel just issued, from Russian operatives communicating with Americans to pushing support for Trump - as well as for Bernie Sanders and Dr. Jill Stein🌻: thinkprogress.org/indictment-doj…