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iPhone : Jonathan Pie Jonathan, this may be one of the most perfect (and important) pieces of comedy I've ever seen. I used to do a ranting reporter on the 11 O'Clock Show that was no where near as good and only ever used irony. This is something else. And better.

iPhone : Lost his wife and one year old daughter in a car accident when he was a senator & continued to serve our country. Lost his son to brain cancer as Vice President & continued to serve our country. Biden isn’t exactly someone I’d call mentally weak, but ok president twitter fingers twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

Twitter Web Client : Jamie He is constantly caught on and off the ball. How can he receive such praise?! Its truly a mystery to me. I've chatted to two ex-pros about him and they both rate him, even though they agree with me about his lack of attributes!! I just don't get it.

Twitter Web Client : And it's definitely not just me who sees this. Virtually every single person I talk to says the same. One good pass here or tackle there isn't going to cut it I'm afraid. It's baffling how he gets so much praise, it really is.

Twitter Web Client : Are ITV working for Jordan Henderson or something? Is Lee Dixon his mum?! He's been the weak link ffs. He's always the weak link! Every time he gets the ball he either gives it away or goes backwards. No wonder England struggle so much, if he's the key.

Twitter Web Client : Fairly promising stuff from England. There's definitely signs of improvement in our play. However, (and I know I sound like a broken record but...) Jordan Henderson – my god he's fucking terrible. Should not be anywhere near the squad.

iPhone : The absolute state of this. I honestly don’t know one person who a) wants to leave b) cares what colour their passport is or where it’s made, so long as they can move and work freely with their friends in Europe. We have given in to morons.

iPhone : Since my last name is McQueen, my girlfriend said that if I get 27,000 retweets then we can name our child Lighting. So please help me out πŸ™πŸΌ