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Android : Happy St. Patricks Day! One of my favorite traditions is participating in Rollas annual parade. We had an incredible team of volunteers join us - thanks for the support!

Hootsuite : Happy St. Patrick Day to all! Here's a good read about General Washington lifting his troops' spirits during the brutal 1779-80 winter in Morristown, NJ, by celebrating this relatively unknown holiday. bit.ly/2HChtJg

Hootsuite : "If you know how to shoot, and are quite ready to shoot, the chances are that you won't have to shoot" - Smart advice from Gen. Black Jack Pershing, WWI hero and a MO favorite son. Thank goodness Pres. Trump and Sec. Mattis understand need for military readiness.

TweetDeck : Proud to get behind Josh Hawley in run for the U.S. Senate. He’s the conservative we need. Looking forward to serving with @HawleyMo on Capitol Hill to help move Donald J. Trump agenda forward. #HawleyforSenate #MOSen

TweetDeck : One message from yesterday’s forum on taxes came through Loud and Clear: A tax code that is simpler and fairer, and tax rates that are lower, are making a world of difference in the lives of Missourians. #TaxCutsandJobsAct

TweetDeck : At yesterday’s MO forum on taxes, was pumped to see people’s enthusiasm for #TaxCutsandJobsAct provisions doubling the standard exemption and expanding the Child Tax Credit. These pro-family measures will benefit SE Missouri residents.

Hootsuite : March Madness may begin today for college basketball (Go Mizzou!) but here's a reminder that true madness reigns every day in crazy California - and not in a good way. bit.ly/2FHps7a

Hootsuite : "For God and Country" for nearly a century … Happy Birthday to the American Legion, formed 99 years ago today! Wartime veterans - including 44,000 throughout Missouri - have had no better friend than this great organization.

TweetDeck : Guaranteed to make your blood boil: More than 20,000 people on Medicaid waiting lists have died since ObamaCare was enacted, according to a new study. Another reason - actually 20,000 reasons - why we have got to fix the ObamaCare disaster. bit.ly/2FxLXeB

TweetDeck : I thought it was the job of news organizations to, you know, report the news. Guess CNN doesn't think that applies to them when it's good news about Donald J. Trump's handling of the economy. bit.ly/2FP0NRf

TweetDeck : #TaxCutsandJobsAct by the numbers:
- A more than $30 billion income boost for Americans
- 4 million get special bonuses
- 80 million seeing utility bills cut
- Avg family of four saves $2,059
- More than 9 in 10 see more money in their paychecks

TweetDeck : Big victory last week for tens of thousands of SE Mo residents who heat homes with wood burning stoves - House passed my bill to delay costly Obama regulations for these stoves. Once Senate also passes, will work with Trump administration for full repeal. bit.ly/2Gq3xlZ

TweetDeck : Why secure our borders? This harrowing account of MS-13 members terrorizing U.S. schools - six murders in two years at one NY institution alone - makes the case for increased border control ASAP. wapo.st/2pak8lN

TweetDeck : Hiring surge added 313K jobs in February" (ABC News) … "Economy is Looking Awfully Strong" (NY Times) … "Jobs Report Shows a Labor Market Right in the Sweet Spot" (The Hill) … "Recovery isn't Slowing Down" (Wash. Post)

I sure enjoyed reading headlines like these last week!

TweetDeck : Our hearts go out to the family of Clinton, MO, police officer Ryan Morton, laid to rest today after losing his life last week in the line of duty. A military veteran and MO National Guardsman, he was a true hero devoted to protecting lives and keeping the peace.