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iPhone : Portgas D. Ace Deactivate you’re embarrassing yourself rn calling someone a weeb when you have a one piece character name instead of your own played yourself

iPhone : Taylor Swift is hot garbage like a mile long stench I feel bad for whoever listens to that when there’s better artist out

iPhone : No matter how cute she is ask yourself do you really want to explain everything in Naruto or any anime just because she hasn’t seen it yet miss me with that bs

iPhone : Nobody cares about the royal twats they acting like their marriage is the best thing since automobiles and WiFi. Why would I care even the smallest grain of sand bit about your life when I have my own to worry about fucking pathetic ppl.

iPhone : When you wanna kill a nigga in his sleep but you know he just smoked a pound so he finna be up till the birds start chirping

iPhone : Yeah let’s talk on the news about two strangers across the world which will never meet or care about that have medieval thoughts still century’s later get married when there’s killings etc.

iPhone : Choked on a poptart laughing at my own shit Patrick’s face in the 2nd pic 😂 twitter.com/yahboyjiraiya/…