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iPhone : Everytime I follow someone on Jiraiya, there’s always that one person “hey aren’t you dead how’d you follow me” headass thanks for reminding me 😩

iPhone : The world is too beautiful to wake up everyday in the same spot. You gotta work harder than Rock Lee and dream bigger than Naruto that’s the motive.

iPhone : I don’t post everyday cause I’m still finishing House MD and yes I did cry when Amber died. I didn’t even like her ass but those two episodes were beyond emotional. I never had that many tears.

iPhone : Need For Speed is the best racing game series and you’re a fool if you disagree. It’s not just the racing the soundtrack plays a part as well especially in Carbon.

iPhone : Obito gotta be the biggest headass ever. He’s responsible for half the characters deaths in Naruto and some people had the audacity to make gone but never forgotten post with him in there smh.

iPhone : The fact there was an option to kill Vito in Mafia 3 means if they decide to make another game, then he won’t be included which is lame. His story isn’t completed yet imo he doesn’t know Joe is still alive.

iPhone : I don’t care if that ass fat, if you don’t know anything about anime then take yourself back to the whore house from whence you came. I like cultured women.

iPhone : How was it possible to pull all nighters during your early years growing up but as an adult it be a struggle just to get past midnight without a yawn I swear

iPhone : Modern Warfare 2 is still the most realistic FPS to date. People that don’t play video games will think you watching a movie until they peep the controller.