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Android : Shot on OnePlus 6

Overall the camera is pretty solid. Doesnt match the super premium flagships, but overall I like it. B+

Full review (and another really interesting video) in the works...

Tweetbot for Mac : This is officially the crispiest video I’ve ever seen.

Shot with 3X RED Weapon VV cameras stitched together.

100 megapixels per frame.

Uploaded in 8K.

RIP your GPU.

Well done Phil Holland

Tweetbot for Mac : Yooooo this whole commercial is just Samsung brutally trying to make a part 2 to their original viral ad 😭

Flamingo for Android : So, Google has YouTube Music now, but that's different than the current YouTube Music. Oh, and there's YouTube Premium, too. Google's also keeping Play Music. That includes YouTube Music but not Premium. YouTube Premium also comes with YouTube Music. Good job, Google. So simple!

Tweetbot for Mac : RED’s Hydrogen One is officially coming to AT&T and Verizon this summer 👀…