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Bio Ambassador and Permanent Representative of I.R. of Afghanistan 🇦🇫to the United Nations 🇺🇳
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iPhone : Thank u all the 20K followers & new comers. I hope you find my twitter account a reliable source of information. Pleased to be at your service
از همه ٢٠٠٠٠ نفرى كه حساب تويترم را تعقيب مينمايند و تازه واردان متشكرم. اميدوارم حساب تويترم يك مرجع بااعتبار معلومات باشد. در خدمت هستم

iPhone : It was a pleasure to host an #Afghan dinner in honor of some native & well established New Yorkers who wished to experience Afghan hospitality. It was a memorable evening and we learned a lot from each other. #newyork #newyorkers #Afghanistan

iPhone : اميدوارم ژورنالستان با استعداد كشور در اين مسابقه سازمان ملل متحد اشتراك نمايند. موضوع: تأثير مثبت انرژى پايدار بالاى زندگى مردم…

iPhone : Honored to chair the exchange with UN member states on 1st round of formal consultations on the #GlobalCompact on #Refugees. Briefing by Mr Volker Turk of #UNHCR & remarks by PGA Chef de Cabinet Frantisek Ruzicka . Comments by member states contributed to moving the zero draft forward

iPhone : Thank you PGA Miroslav Lajčák for the dialogue on “Multilateralism Under Fire”. Useful discussion this morning. Time to address the threats manipulating multilateralism & the UN system in their advantage!…

iPhone : Congratulations to #Afghanistan National Institute of #Music (ANIM) & Dr Ahmad Sarmast for winning music’s most prestigious award “Noble prize of music”. If this is what our people can do in a state of imposed conflict, imagine what they can do in #peace !…

iPhone : It was a pleasure to attend receptions on two happy occasions of our western and eastern neighbors: National Day of the I.R. of Iran & Chinese New Year. Congratulations to #Iran & #HappyChineseNewYear . May our region live in peace & prosperity.

iPhone : Dr. Sonia Baha is one of the first women doctors to have graduated from the medicine program at Kabul National Military Hospital. Today we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2018. #ForAFG #AFGStrong #IDWGS2018 #GirlsInScience Women in Science Day

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iPhone : Old #Kabul City, a reminder of my sweet childhood days. The city grew over 3500 years between Shirdarwaza Mountain & Kabul River. Its typical architecture is defined by flat roofs, rammed earth/mud brick walls & attached courtyard houses. Painting by Siddiq Jakfar, 2005. Afg MFA.

iPhone : Congratulations to #NewZealand on #WaitangiDay. I had the honor of establishing official relations between #Afghanistan & NZ in 2003 & becoming the 1st non-resident ambassador of Afg to #Wellington. NZ played a key role in the stability & dev of Central Afg. A true-blue friend!

iPhone : This is what politics/diplomacy should be all about: people, in particular taking care of the current needs of our future generations. Most #Afghan children miss the basics of healthy childhood.…

iPhone : Racism is a human rights violation.

#FightRacism and stand up for someones rights today & every day.…

iPhone : A touching moment. Indonesias President Joko Widodo exchanging traditional hat with President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan in Kabul. A show of respect & friendship. Followed by praying together in a mosque in Kabul. Mahmoud Saikal IndonesianMission UN Afghanistan Mission KEMLU RI

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