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iPhone : Coach Hale Merv Lopes was some coach. Or some recruiter. Or both. He beat Louisville too. I’m sure he had offers to leave but he must have loved Hawaii too much.

Twitter Web Client : Somebody should be contacting those Chaminade "kids" from 1982. No. 1 Virginia is now on the losing end of the two most shocking, non-title game upsets in NCAA history.

Twitter Web Client : Miguel Mora Nah. No way. UMBC is D-1. Chaminade was a 2,000-person school playing N.A.I.A. — equivalent of D-II or D-III. UVA has no three-time College Player of the Year or No. 1 pick on their roster now. In 82 they did.

Twitter Web Client : Coach Hale I was "kind of" there. Frosh year at Hawaii Pacific. Coach Tommy Asinsin told us we had to practice instead of go to game. Well, our "home" gym was McKinley HS. So when we got out of practice, we ran over to Blaisdell to see everyone going crazy. Still upset he didn't let us go

Twitter Web Client : What happened last night is nothing short of the greatest upset in college basketball since itty-bitty N.A.I.A. Chaminade (Hawaii) knocked off Ralph Sampson and No. 1 Virginia, Dec. 23, 1982, in Honolulu. I was there. If you weren't, look it up. Well, unless you're from UVA today

iPhone : Russell He used up all his timeouts too early in regulation. They were nursing a 5-point lead and they stopped executing in the final 90 seconds. No poise on the bench and the floor.

Twitter Web Client : Nothing makes me happy quite like a foot and a half of snow at my house! So thankful to have been home to enjoy a snow day with my family. Back on the road tomorrow and I think this was exactly what we all needed. #snowday #snowlady #america

iPhone : Texas-Nevada is lit. Or dope. Of off da hook or chain. Whatever the young fellas say these days. #MarchMadness

Twitter Web Client : Dan Steinberg Classic cover-up-worse-than-crime tweet. Now everybody's asking: Did the team make him take it down because it showed Bruce and Dan pulling the strings again? Did the team's outside PR guy make a call to his news guy? Did the paper cave to team again? Which are all false. Right?

Twitter Web Client : Frankie Smith Dave #HTTR I didn't say people that like name and don't care that it offends people are racist. But once you know, you know. Lorenzo Alexander told me once. "I get it. If there was a Zulu warrior on our helmet and they called us Blackskins and told us we honor you, we wouldn't play Sunday."

Twitter Web Client : Dave #HTTR Frankie Smith Dave, I'm never gonna believe they've crossed some line of being a regular playoff team or that they're better off as an org. until they deal w/ name. It's divisive. It's only becoming more divisive. And every fan that doesn't give a damn makes another person who does hate them.

Twitter Web Client : Frankie Smith No worries. I like the players Just can't get behind bruce and dan. When moms come up to you in Minnesota -- part of 5K Native Americans protesting at Wash-vikings game in 2014 -- and they tell you what the name and logo does to their kids' self-esteem, just can't support them.