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SocialFlow : President Trump is set to roll out new plans to tackle the nation’s opioid crisis on Monday that are expected to call for tougher penalties, potentially including the death penalty for traffickers, a senior White House official tells NBC News. nbcnews.to/2pgzPb9

SocialFlow : Opinion | Keith Koffler: We live in Trump’s world, not the imaginary world. Deal with it. nbcnews.to/2phZAb3 - NBC News THINK

SocialFlow : Miami-Dade police confirms that at least 6 people have died in Florida bridge collapse.


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SocialFlow : Anticipating an unusually crowded Democratic presidential primary in 2020, the party's biggest super PAC is vowing to stay out of the race and focus on taking on President Trump. nbcnews.to/2Ise94s

SocialFlow : A military helicopter with U.S. service members aboard has crashed in Iraq, U.S. Central Command and military officials say. nbcnews.to/2phjKlf

SocialFlow : A Broadway production of "To Kill a Mockingbird" will go on this year despite the lawsuit, the producer's attorney said. nbcnews.to/2pjtVpx

SocialFlow : Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "Israel severely regards the incident in Britain and strongly condemns it. We hope that the international community will be able to combine arms to prevent the recurrence of such events." nbcnews.to/2Iw3GVx - NBC News World News

SocialFlow : American millennials are less religious than their parents, but still more religious than in other industrialized countries. In fact, the number of millennials joining religious life has increased over the past 15 years.

nbcnews.to/2phnbIY - NBC Left Field

SocialFlow : Stephen Hawking was known as one of the world’s greatest minds. Here are just some of his biggest contributions to the science community.
nbcnews.to/2phMt9L - NBC News MACH

SocialFlow : When the pressure's on and it matters most, you need to perform your best. Here's how to do it. nbcnews.to/2ItOLLz - NBCNewsBETTER

SocialFlow : Opinion | Bill Press: Under Trump’s lack of leadership, the White House is in meltdown nbcnews.to/2piyDnH - @NBCnewsTHINK

SocialFlow : Researchers now know that 93% of astronaut Scott Kelly’s genes returned to normal after spending almost a year in space. However, the remaining 7% point to possible longer term changes in his genes. nbcnews.to/2ItPdJX - NBC News MACH

SocialFlow : An estimated 42,000 civilians fled from a rebel pocket in eastern Ghouta near Damascus.

See more: nbcnews.to/2pewJ7o

SocialFlow : “One current Tesla engineer estimated that 40 percent of the parts made or received at its Fremont factory require rework,” CNBC reported. In some cases, it appears vehicles are being pulled off the line for repairs before being shipped to buyers. nbcnews.to/2Itg5d1

SocialFlow : Environment changes transformed early humans, who learned how to use lighter tools, hunt new kinds of animals and communicate with other groups, according to studies by a team at the Smithsonian's Human Origins Program. nbcnews.to/2piqQ9l

Media Studio : Astronaut Scott Kellys genes show long-term changes after a year in space nbcnews.to/2IuXXPS via NBC News MACH

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