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Bio National Security Adviser to the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Tweets from National Security Adviser account are signed NSA.
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Android : Congratulations to Afghanistans champions Ahmad Wali Hotak and Baz Mohammad Mubariz for defeating their #Ukrainian and #Scottish rivals in #MMA championship. The whole Afghan nation is so proud of you. I wish you good luck for your future competitions.

Android : Prince Mohammed bin Salman assured NSA of Saudi led IMCTC support from Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism; he further said Saudi Arabia would always play its role in the Afghan Peace Process to ensure lasting peace in Afghanistan.(2)

Android : NSA MH Atmar and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed important issues of mutual and regional interest including the support of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) from Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism, and the Afghan Peace Process.(1)

Android : Congratulations to spin sensation Rashid Khan to become the youngest man to top the ICC Player Rankings & become the No1 ODI bowler. Rashids hard work & dedication have always paid off& he is a great example to millions in AFG. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

iPhone : ښاغلي اتمر په سعودي عربستان کې د نوموړي هېواد د کورنيو چارو له وزير سره په کته کې، له ترهګرۍ سره پر مشترکه مبارزه، د سولې پر لارو چارو، امنيتي همکاريو، د نشه توکو پر مخنيو او په سعودي عربستان کې د ميشتو افغان کارګرو او سوداګرو له پاره، د کاري فرصتونو پر برابرولو خبرې وکړې.

Android : NSA met with Saudi Interior Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud, discussed fight agnst terrorism,peace process, bilateral security cooperation, preventing drug production& trafficking, providing facilities& resolving isaues of AFG traders,& employement oppt. for Afg workers in SA.

iPhone : رسنیز یاداښت:
ملي امنیت سلاکار ښاغلي محمد حنیف اتمر نن ورځ د سعودي عربستان د شهزاده محمد بن سلمان آل سعود په ځانګړي بلنه د سعودي عربستان پلازمینې ریاض ته سفر وکړ.
ښاغلی محمد حنیف اتمر به د دې سفر په ترڅ کې د سعودي عربستان له لوړ پوړو چارواکو سره پر بیلابیلو موضوعاتو خبرې وکړي.

iPhone : یاداشت مطبوعاتی:
محترم محمد حنیف اتمر مشاور امنیت ملی کشور بنا بر دعوت خاص شهزاده محمد بن سلمان آل سعود امروز عازم ریاض پایتخت آن کشور گردید.
محترم محمد حنیف اتمر در جریان این سفر با مقامات بلند پایه عربستان سعودی پیرامون موضوعات مختلف گفتگو خواهد نمود.

iPhone : NSA met with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells and talked about bilateral relations, #KabulProcess, and the upcoming conferences of in Tashkent – Uzbekistan.

Android : The NSA also thanked Sweden for their support with #ANDSF in the framework of #NATO. The two sides also talked about the next meeting of #KabulProcess , and the current relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan.(2)

Android : NSA MH Atmar met with Lennart Linnér, Sweden Special Rep. for PAK&AFG, discussed the historical political& diplomatic relations btwn the two countries. NSA Thanked Sweden for their humanitarian support with the ppl of AFG in the form of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.(1)

Android : The two sides agreed to develop the implementation plan for the agreements & decisions of the Uzbek-Afghan Joint Security Commission. The sides also had detailed talks about Bilateral cooperation, multilateral relations, peace, countering regional terrorism & drug trafficking.(2)

Android : Leading a high-level delegation, Haneef Atmar traveled to Uzbekistan ystrday, presided over the Uzbek-AFG Joint Sec. Commission together with his Uzbek counterpart V.Mukhamdov in which they discussed importance of the Commission&its alignment with mutual agreements of cooperation(1)

Android : The two sides also talked about security، economic cooperations between AFG & Turkmanistan, and terrorist activities in the region; during the discussion the two sides reached some key developments & agreements on preventing drug trafficking and join combat agianst terrorism.(3)

Android : The two sides had detailed talks about security arrangements for the preparation for the opening, and various implementation stages of TAPI project. (2)

Android : NSA MH Atmar who went on an official visit to Turkmanistan yesterday, had bilateral talks with security & political leadership of Turkmanistan including his Turkman counterpart& the Defense Minister Gen. Yaylym Berdiyev, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Rasit Meredow.(1)

Android : NSA, while thanking the political leadership of Turkey, especially the new ambassador Oğuzhan Ertuğrul, also wished him the best of luck with his role in Afghanistan. They also had talks about the #KabulProcess meeting.(3)

Android : Ambassador Oğuzhan Ertuğrul, on behalf of the President and people of Turkey, strongly condemned the recent barbaric terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, offered condolences, and reaffirmed his country's support from the people and Govt. of Afghanistan in war agianst terrorism.(2)