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Twitter Web Client : A traveler. A photographer. A writer. Conserving culture and tradition through my photographs is my lifelong calling. My photos are a reflection of what I seek out, stories that need to be told to the world and to the next generation. #IDefineMe

Spredfast app : Thanks to a nearly $86 million project, fish stocks have returned to the Aral Sea—once one of the worst ecological disasters

Spredfast app : Unlike most two-headed animals, the snake has two hearts—and may have two digestive tracks as well

Media Studio : Will this anteater live to see another day?

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Spredfast app : Baby gorillas spend the first three months of their lives in their mothers' arms—an extremely rare sight in the wild

Spredfast app : "The ultimate goal of our research is to use movement sensation to streamline the relationship between patients and their technology"

Spredfast app : Finland is home to the happiest immigrants and Canada's air quality is among the best in the world—see which other countries made the list

Spredfast app : Take a peek inside Moscow's opulent metro stops, where marble walls and crystal chandeliers are the norm

Spredfast app : With a little creativity—and heavy machinery—good hearted humans freed the exhausted calf

Spredfast app : Eastern quolls had disappeared from mainland Australia decades ago—now, 20 of the critters are being reintroduced

Spredfast app : In Vietnam, river sand mining muddies waters and scours riverbeds, killing the organisms that live there—it's also destroying the Mekong Delta

Spredfast app : The DNA of individual humans—even complete strangers—only differ by about 0.1%

Spredfast app : Bhutan’s pristine forests soak up more carbon than the country produces—a model of resilience in the face of climate change #PerpetualPlanet #sponsored ROLEX

Twitter Web Client : Help us save the Earth! Get ideas for how your family can protect the planet in the April issue of Nat Geo Kids magazine, on newsstands now. Then tweet us which of the fun 52 tips youre planning to try. #KidsSaveTheEarth

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