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Media Studio : Our Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite keeps a constant eye on the Sun! This view from May 15 combines three images in different wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, a type of light that is invisible to human eyes.

iPhone : “I want all the girls in Afghanistan to know that they can do anything boys can do.’’ — Madina, 16…

iPhone : Ya estamos listos para comenzar a responder tus preguntas a las 14:30 MEX. Twittéalas a #PreguntaCICR y responderemos #DíaMundialDeLaCruzRoja #EnTodasPartesParaTodos

iPhone : Tune into the Whats On Board Briefing to hear Dr. Eric Cornell from CU Boulder JILA talk about the Cold Atom Lab launching to the ISS on Monday:…

Buffer : ICYMI: June Huh is now at the pinnacle of the math world, thanks to a chance encounter with a legendary mathematician who somehow recognized a gift in Huh that Huh had never perceived himself.

TweetDeck : The recently released #UNOGLibrary Research Guide Women & Global Diplomacy: From Peace Movements to the UN, is based on #UN #Geneva archives and includes records of WILPFs involvement in the UN and #LeagueofNations. Check it out! #feminism

TweetDeck : By replacing the traditional economic model of “extract, make, use and dispose” by a circular economy model, 6 million jobs can be created.

Twitter Web Client : Actualmente, 73 millones de niños siguen involucrados en trabajos peligrosos que afectan su salud, seguridad y moral. Actuemos ahora para eliminar el #trabajoinfantil peligroso y construir una generación segura y saludable. #NoChildLabour #20YearsofGlobalMarch

SocialFlow : An infusion of Pixar really does make everything better: Oh, that’s right, you’re from a video game. Well, maybe in your game, that’s how things work, but here in reality, you can’t split worlds. This is ridiculous.…

Twitter Web Client : Vid flygplatsen kan biologisk enfald bli mångfald Om hoten mot vår biologiska mångfald och hur den kan räddas. #BioMfDag #BiodiversityDay #swgreen

Buffer : Neutrinos must get their mass from a Higgs-like field, which is electrically neutral and spans the entire universe. This could be the same Higgs that gives mass to the other elementary particles, or it could be a very distant cousin.

iPhone : Hydrogels can be used as ionic conductors for ionotronic devices, for example, artificial muscles, skin and axons. Canhui Yang and Zhigang Suo Harvard SEAS discuss first-generation hydrogel ionotronic devices NatRevMaterials in our #softrobotics Focus Issue