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Bio Biophilia is my natural state. Thus my concerns are the threats to our shared biosphere and the exploitation faced by humans, other animals and plants. No lists
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Android : Leila Anders Linde I read that they were now going to make it official, in other words a proper take-over with the 'blessing' of the US and its allies like the taking of the Golan heights. Words for these outrages fail me😢

Twitter Lite : These are the individuals who are the legislators, decision makers and so-called leaders of this small island called #Britain. We should all hang our heads in shame #ToriesOut…

Twitter Lite : Unforgivable cruelty! How sentient creatures are left to suffer in the foie-gras industry. #Govegan #animalrights

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Android : It's only big news now because the The Guardian, Channel 4 News have picked it up. Robert Mercer's aims, influencing the political process, have been known/written about by the alternative media for some time. I read lot about it last year. Journalists had access to the same sources.…

Android : Join Devon Against Illegal Hunting at Okehampton Police Station at 11am, this Sunday (25th)…

Android : #racism #WhiteSupremacy A dangerous moron with #psychopathic traits. Feeling sorry for yourself and no remorse, blaming others are typical traits. These monsters are emboldened by our poisonous right-wing zeitgeist.…

Twitter Lite : Stefan Robert Macfarlane German at Portsmouth Same all over the world, where #pesticides have been used intensively for many decades. And that's nearly everywhere! #Science will have been aware of this too but money is the only value. I'm in my 70th year and have been acutely aware of this horror for a very long time😢😢😢

Twitter Lite : Robert Macfarlane Thom Juzwik I've been aware of this for a very long time. Anybody who was an adult in the 70s like me will remember driving and having to get out to clean the windscreen of insect bodies, bug splat as the Americans call it. It's not rocket #Science that #pesticides kill ALL insect species.

Android : 'Catastrophe' as France's bird population collapses due to pesticides… Insect populations have collapsed over many decades now. Anybody who's old enough like me and observant cannot failed to have noticed #Birds #Pesticides #Extinction

Android : Oh, good, the #AustinBomber, who wreaked havoc with murder & mayhem for 19 days, was just a 24 year old white dude, not one of those mooselamb terrorists or meskin’ bad hombres. I was afraid it might have been terrorism. But nah, just a ”lone wolf” garden variety bomber. Whew. /S

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Android : Human 'progress' leading life as we know it to #extinction and immediately on this small island: #Brexit a shitshow for all to see unfolding from moment to surreal moment.…