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iPhone : Naaackers ashnichrist 🌿 Yeah. The idea that hard work overcomes any circumstance is just as absurd as luck ruling everything.

It’s a mix of things. What the guy is talking about is how peoples’ outlook shapes their opportunities - and it’s pretty conceptually interesting.

iPhone : ashnichrist 🌿 Naaackers This study is talking about “being lucky,” not so much RNG.

Where you’re born is basically coin flips. Nothing anyone can do about that. “Being lucky” the way this is talking about isn’t about good dice rolls - it’s about finding opportunities.

iPhone : Zuckas Docs are pretty acceptable, but pdf is preferred.

You don’t ever want to get screwed because someone doesn’t have a font installed - or their resolution is weird or their software is out of date.

Twitter Web Client : Protip: When applying for a job, your experience wont always match the position.

If you dont write an excellent cover letter, your resume will be dismissed 100% of the time.

No way for us to know WHY we should spend time talking to you.

Still hiring:…

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iPhone : Also, holy crap if you’ve never watched Gandhi... it’s just one of the best movies ever made.

It won eight out of eleven Oscars it was nominated for, only losing soundtrack, best sound and makeup.

And the sequel was pretty amazing as well.

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iPhone : Like, they are not even sure he’s conscious anymore. He could die any second. They are there to beg him to stop the fast.

And he’s just been laying there for days, coming up with that line. Just hoping someone chubby wanders over to chat with him.

iPhone : My favorite part of the movie Gandhi is when the Indian luminaries go up to him as he’s dying from his hunger strike. They are so sad.

Gandhi instantly lays a beat on one guy: “Sardar, you have gained weight. You must join me in the fast.”

Can you imagine getting that wrecked?

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iPhone : Wyld I’d say the most important thing is to scope something achievable. We all have interesting ideas for games, but mostly they are too complex.

Assemble a team as part of the design process. Your team will limit your scope (or open new opportunities).

iPhone : A very happy birthday to one of the most insightful people in the game industry, the incomparable Jennifer of House Dariani, Queen of the Hot Tub!

Her birthday wish is to take a day off and not work. Interested to see how long she makes it.

Also, putting the over/under on number of times in the hot tub today at 2.

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iPhone : Streaming is a job. For some, a career.

Everyone needs time off - and streamers feel an incredible pressure not to take any.

As a viewer, you don’t owe broadcasters anything. But, as an educated viewer, it’s good to understand this need and be supportive.

They’ll be back.…

iPhone : Reksel Kotaku There have been a lot of health issues in streaming... could have been one of many articles about it.

But yes, it’s a concern. We’ve had more than one client with serious health issues. That’s one of the inspirations for us to value work/life balance so highly.

iPhone : Bamboo Shoots I didn’t say that. :)

Our clients are already successful streamers. They would continue to succeed with or without us.

We help them become more successful by creating efficiency, providing support services and ensuring that their work is properly compensated.