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Twitter Web Client : His staff purposely place grammatical errors in his tweets to sound like the President wrote them. This should say something about his “great intelligence” and the stupidity of his base.…

Twitter Web Client : Trained police hit their targets less than 30% of the time, yet the NRA wants to arm volunteer teachers. It's on each of us to prevent this NRA dystopia, and stop letting the gun lobby write our gun laws. We're sacrificing our children at the altar of gun manufacturers' profits.…

Twitter Web Client : x- Bailey Rose Happy Birthday!! I love you, youre the best!!

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Twitter Web Client : When I was kid Rich Paid Fair Share of Taxes & here are some things that happened:
* Built new schools
* Interstate Highway System
* Lower poverty rate
* World Leader in Tech & Science
* Safe in school
* Affordable Higher Education
* Presidents were not Greedy Traitorous Crooks

Twitter Web Client : Poor Sami and Lashley. Whoever wrote this bit should be fired.

Worst storyline I have seen in awhile.


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Twitter Web Client : Trump is going to withdraw funding for ANY health care institution that provides abortion or tells women where to get an abortion.

This assault on women’s rights WILL NOT STOP until women are representing you in Congress. Can I count on your support?