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Twitter Web Client : If Remain had won, would they have insisted we listen to the minority & leave some areas of the EU as a compromise? No! After 1975 Eurosceptics were ignored - we joined the ERM, signed up to Maastricht & Lisbon without direct consent of the people. So why pander to Remoaners now?

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Twitter Web Client : In the space of one week, the media fawned all over the North Korean dictatorship then created a fake news story around a school shooting which was used to demonize conservatives.

And they wonder why people don't trust them.…

iPhone : This is why I laugh when people accuse westerners of being racist.

Go to China. Every other TV ad is for skin whitening cream. Their view of anyone with dark skin is stuck in the last century.

The UK & the US are the most tolerant countries on earth.…

Twitter Web Client : The source for the medias phoney claim that the Florida shooter was a member of a white supremacist group is now saying Elvis was also a member.

Could it be that the media rushed to publish this fake news story as part of a broader effort to demonize conservatives? 🤔

TweetDeck : Wow the ever-crafty Russian botnet made terms like NRA, shooting, and Florida trend on social media, these guys keep getting more and more clever…