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Twitter Lite : This is why these “elections” in #Venezuela are such a total fraud. People told they will only get the national I.D. Card they need to receive food if they show up & “vote” for Maduro. Even with that, less than 18% of people voted.…

Twitter Lite : The people of Iran continue to risk their lives to protest the corrupt & oppressive Iranian terror regime. I join Secretary Pompeo in supporting the Iranian people and hope the international media also gives these important protests in Kazeroun and elsewhere the attention they deserve.…

Twitter Lite : “Government food boxes are a lifeline for the hungry....
But the fear remains: if you don’t vote you may lose your ration box.”

The people of Venezuela are forced to pick between eating or opposing Maduro. They don’t have the option to do both.…

Twitter Lite : EXCLUSIVE - Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone joins Meet the Press this AM:

CHUCK: "Are you preparing to be indicted?"

STONE: "I don't know if I'm an interesting person or a person of interest. I think these leaks out of the Special Counsel's office are reprehensible."

Twitter Lite : “....we need to have single-point entries and metal detectors at the school just like in a courthouse or at a stadium. We're safe in a stadium, but we let our kids go to school and they're not safe.”…

Twitter Lite : Investigators in Santa Fe, TX are confident that the alleged school shooter acted alone, a source with direct knowledge of the investigation tells CNN’s Nick Valencia. “The two persons of interest have been eliminated,” the source said.

Twitter Lite : Why do U.S. officials always fall for #China trickery? Larry Kudlow thinks Liu He of China is “a market guy” & impressed by his “excellent presentation”? If we don’t wake up & start treating this as a national security issue China is going to win again…

iPhone : Is Trump doing some good things?


Will his bringing down the political discourse, undermining our institutions, and elevating of vile people leave lasting damage on our country.

It sure will.

Both should be pointed out.

CC: Glenn Beck

iPhone : A sawed off shot gun is illegal. Pipe hombs are illegal.

You know what wouldn't have changed anything? Gun control.

You know what could've? School safety and red flag gun laws.

iPhone : You can criticize & even be disgusted with the way the media covers Trump.

We are.

You can praise Trump when he does good, and criticize when he says, tweets, does something stupid or bad.

We do.

And you still don’t have to put on a MAGA hat & bow to the king.…