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Twitter Web Client : #frostythesnowman Is up next on #CBS @ 9pm EST/8pm CT! ☃️❄️🎄

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Twitter for iPad : NoodleBeagle Look at her 👀.....omg I could just kiss her face forever! 😘 Get well soon Billie Jean! 🎅🏻SnoopyGirlSanta🤶🏼 had a tiny hernia too when she was born and it was fixed during her spay too. We used to call it her belly nipple. 😂

iPhone : Well, my plans to go to a festive, relaxing event by a dear friend was stopped by a bit of weather- probably should write on a novel or something if I am going to keep claiming to be a writer.

Android : How did multiple sources all mis-read the date and radically misinterpret the document in the same way? Whats the rationale for continuing to conceal the identity of these sources who caused so much damage and deceit on the public with their false claims?…

Hootsuite : Southern California braces for high winds over weekend, threat of more wildfires

iPhone : Finally bought my dream #StarWars set today from London’s legendary #LEGO Store. Chatting with a chap there, I said I couldn’t wait to build it. “I have a few boxed sets safely stored in my loft,” he said, “but I can’t bring myself to open them.” I find that thinking bizarre.

TweetDeck : Hoy es el #DíaContraLaCorrupción, creado para crear conciencia ante este complejo fenómeno social, político y económico, que afecta a todos los países; por supuesto, #México incluido. #Efemérides

iPhone : Owning people used to be all right too. What the everloving fuck…

iPhone : It’s a dark, stormy night... so I decided to watch Crime Watch Daily

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