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Twitter Ads : This inspiring woman and her 🚲 are helping to change womens lives

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Twitter Ads : I was really amazed. -#Rohingya children share music and a moment with MIYAVI during his visit to Kutapalong camp in Bangladesh.

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Twitter Ads : As a refugee, Yasir thought his life as an artist was over. But this initiative helped him share his craft and skills with the community: trib.al/oA6O4sl

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Twitter Ads : “The better we work together, the better we will be able to change the world”

Slam poet + former refugee JJ Bola explains one way in which the world can collaborate more closely. Via @WEF #SharedFutures

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SocialFlow : “He completely lifts me up out of my mundane day and grumpiness” - Sarah now sees Faraj as a younger brother trib.al/34HtmXI

SocialFlow : “It’s not just a piece of paper.”

Validating diplomas for refugees who fled #Syria is giving them their dignity and their identity back. trib.al/YHx7akx

Twitter Ads : Mousa was not an artist in Syria, but in exile he began sketching and painting, narrating his experience as a refugee 🎨

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SocialFlow : “I often wake up scared because when I escaped through Libya they were shooting people in front of me. It was too much. Sometimes I think too much, get sad, and can’t sleep. But generally I am happy now...”  #GreatBritishWelcome trib.al/nd96q20

SocialFlow : "I didn’t only find peace here in Brazil. I found a future.” 🇧🇷 #WithRefugees

Twitter Ads : He gave #Rohingya refugee children music in Bangladesh. 🎸 And they gave him a moment hell never forget. ❤️
Thank you MIYAVI.

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SocialFlow : There are nearly 1 million school-aged Syrian refugee children who found refuge in #Turkey. Over 60% are enrolled in school - a twofold increase from previous year. Aim is to reach 100%.

Twitter Ads : The story of how two young Syrian refugees got life-changing operations to allow them to hear for the first time. trib.al/9aqxzIC

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SocialFlow : What should the world do to help refugees?

Youth refugees from countries as diverse as Iran, Colombia and South Sudan took part in the High Commissioner’s 10th Dialogue on Protection Challenges in Geneva to address policymakers directly ow.ly/TTiO30ippUN

SocialFlow : Hamish and Hasan watch soccer together and spend time discovering the neighborhood. They each have their chores around the house.  #GreatBritishWelcome trib.al/zg93OZv

Twitter Ads : -Single mothers
-Unaccompanied and separated children
Weve evacuated 1,000 highly vulnerable refugees out of detention in Libya: trib.al/nuwS3u2

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SocialFlow : “I’m now back on my feet and I can support my family and provide for my mother’s expensive cancer medication!” Mohamad, a plumber.

Through UNHCR Syria #livelihood program, Mohamad, received a plumbing kit & now able to continue his work after 6yrs of displacement.

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SocialFlow : Thank you to everyone who nominated a hero for our UNHCR #NansenAward.

More people than ever are doing great things to help refugees – we know, because we’ve received the most nominations ever!

Keep checking unhcr.org/nansen for the winner announcement in September.

SocialFlow : The # of asylum claimants in #Mexico was up 66% in 2017. In contrast to recent years, the increase was not due principally to Central Americans. Hondurans were 1st nationality of origin. After 1020% increase in # of claimants over 2016, Venezuelans were 2nd