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iPhone : A must-read piece by Raza Wazir
A #Pashtun mother from #Swat lost her eyesight after her two sons vanished in #Karachi: “I won’t be able to see them now,” she said. “But I would recognize the smell of my sons.”… #PashtunLongMarch #PashtunTahafuzMovement

iPhone : Afghan Star program is one of the most vivid indication of social transformation in AFG. It’s a modern program promoting talents breaking through taboo traditions allowing our youth to sing & play music, thanks to Saad Mohseni and his team for successful 13 years N more to come

iPhone : Good news, this will affect Pakistan’s capability to gain donations and long term loans from global banks, which Pakistan needs desperately…

iPhone : “23-year-old researcher at the University of #Chicago has uncovered 100 previously unrecorded caravanserais (in #Afghanistan) — giant, protected stopover points for merchants traveling along the #SilkRoad”…

iPhone : Hekmatyar - known as butcher of Kabul, long time agent of the ISI & a disarrayed one time ally of ISIS speaking from his NUG/ EU financed house in Kabul says SUICIDE ATTACKS are okay & legitimate. Is this a model peace deal ? He suffers from irrelevance & NUG from stagnation.

iPhone : All Afghans support Pakistani Pashtoon's plight for justice, equal rights, full representation and relief from systematic suppression. #tit_for_tat #PashtonLongMarch…

iPhone : Khan Saed Sajna the Mehsud Splinter grop leader of #TTP was killed in Gorvik N Waziristan. In D #TTP he was the closest 2 Pak Mil MI and the biggest supporter of HQN. he sent his men in assaults against #Afghan forces N gave suicide bombers to kill Afghan & US soldiers #goodkill

iPhone : Dep. Sec. of Department of State Sullivan says military aid suspension to Pakistan will continue until & unless Pakistan fulfills American expectations, including targeting ALL terrorist groups in its territory that attack Afghans and American interests. @CSPAN…

iPhone : PakArmy has conducted many operations by D name of “WarOnTerror” such as Al-Mizan/Rah-e-Haq/Sher-Dil/Serat-e-Mustaqim/Rah-e-Raast/Rah-e-Nijaat/Koh-e-Sufaid/Zarb-e-Azb, WITH NO RESULT!(Baluch+Sindh+Pashton) Upraising against Army/ISI is D most strategic operation of WarOnTerror.…

iPhone : Attacks in Kabul R tasked 2 HQN N Pak, assembled in Logar, Wardak and Ghazni N executed N KBL. Preventative measures require intel led CT ops not policing in the city. We need a strategy N balls for our leadrs 2 take the fight back 2 enemy. ANDSF more capble with right leaders

iPhone : To avoid ending at a dead end we must read the history else " repetition of history is either a tragedy or a comedy".…

iPhone : #AFG Pakistani forces have crossed into Afghan soil by taking Toap and Khosharam mountains and mountain tops in Dand-E Patan district in Paktia. Area strategic because key route to 4Afghan districts, tribal elders and residents in Paktia's Dand-E Patan tells me. GMIC Afghanistan