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Android : Möhsin Khawas Hawwww....Twitter doesn't have that feature that Facebook has, "Post when Online".

I said I don't need to pay money for every small thing like Apple
I got it for free and everything will remain like that. Also, when I last checked, Apple was dying. In reality.

Twitter Web Client : LOL

You are following a tournament which is played by regional teams which have names of the regions as their team names and think it is foolish to support the team based on region.

Pass me whatever is the thing you are smoking... #IPL…

Android : #NewOnFP: The MLS Player You Should Philosophically Fall in Love With by Tom Bogert.

Our favorite players may reveal subtle biases we have. In the 2018 edition of MLS, there is a wealth of worthy candidates that could be our ideal philosophical match.


Android : #NewOnFP: Football’s Finest Supervillain – Cristiano Ronaldo Hijacking Messi’s Glory by Joseph Antony.

From being a thought crime in 2012 to a thought experiment in 2017, the idea of Cristiano Ronaldo being on a par with Messi will be footballs greatest heist.


Android : KTR 2/2 also what I noticed was.. the cops aren't educating them about this app.. they penalised people carrying soft copies of their license or rc. They should have told them about this app..I couldn't intervene because they were already aggressive with me.

Android : KTR 1/2 Sir, I appreciate the recent developments in the governance, especially through technology but when my friend who tried to show the RC using RTA m-wallet this is what happened..

Twitter Web Client : #NewOnFP: A Love Letter to the Scissor Kick by Srijandeep Das.

If the answer is ”the scissor kick”, the question of course is, ”What do Chilean strawberries, a Spanish Spy, the Aztecs and Peter Crouch have in common?”


Twitter Web Client : News of #Wenger retiring feels like a shock, though it's been on the cards for so long. What's particularly poignant is what Wenger represents. He is last of the old guards. In the words of Cruyff, "the tooth of time did its work." Here's Harry Becker -…

Twitter Web Client : Just received a phone call: "My mate works at a Porsche dealership in Surrey and he said Brendan Rodgers has been in to buy one, and says he's going to be next Arsenal manager."
Not sure that counts as a good source, but there you go 🤷🏻‍♂️