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iPhone : Freedom of movement: the possibility for UK citizens to study at universities across 28 countries, in 27 of them largely without any tuition fees.

Why pay £9,250 in Southampton or Glasgow when you can study in Freiburg or Pisa for free?

#Brexit #FBPE #OFOC

iPhone : In many ways, it being a ‘non-breach’ should worry us even more than if it were a breach. This is using Facebook in ways very close to the ways intended. An ‘accident’ waiting to happen.…

iPhone : “Steve [Bannon] wanted weapons for his culture war… we offered him a way to accomplish what he wanted.”

A whistleblower tells how 50 million Facebook profiles were grabbed by Cambridge Analytica - the data firm linked to Trump’s win.

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iPhone : Serious question. How many jobs, how many industries and livelihoods, how many percentage points off our GDP, how many public spending cuts, how much of our reputation? How much peace in Northern Ireland?

How much must be lost? How much does it cost?