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Bio Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder
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Android : Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents ever

America elected a community organizer to fulfill the role of Commander in Chief.

After 8 years of Obama, the black community was set back 50 years of progress.😡

MLK would roll over in his grave.

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Android :… Economists Resoundingly Agree; Trump Is Direct Reason For Economic BOOM… … New York nears 4% GDP said to B an impossibility. Well, yes, with a politician, but Trump is a wise experienced BUSINESSMAN. Big difference!…

Android : Melinda Hughes Courtney T. You should be ashamed of yourself. Defending your FAILED corrupt Marxist Socialist healthcare system. Youre just another Alinsky useful idiot who fell in line with New World Order.

Keep your opinions on the other side of the pond. Americans kicked your asses for a reason.

Android : #DemsLoseBlackVote #ProsecuteVoterFraud #DemsRinosOut #IndictBrennanClapperMueller #ConfirmAppointments #LockUpMcCabeComey #ImpeachRosenstein #BuildTheWall #DefundSanctuaryCities #MoreBoltonPurge #NoDealsForTraitorsObamaClinton #ProsecutePP #2AForever #PrayAmerica #FullDisclosure…

Android : President Trump has solidified his name in the history books as greatest President Trump of all time.

✔Ended Korean War
✔Decimated ISIS
✔Revitalized US Economy
✔Strong National Security
✔Jobs Jobs Jobs
✔Tax Cuts
✔Dragon Energy👌

Were NOT Tired Of Winning!

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Android : Logical President Trump Youre delusional.

Obama, Clinton & McCain created ISIS.

Their goal was to destabilize the Middle East, in order to mobilize drug/human trafficking throughout the region without ramifications.

They took out Khadafi in Lybia & allowed Americans to die in Benghazi.


Android : His mindset; destabilize our country slowly, get us into one world government and be in the mix with the bigwigs in power! DICTATORSHIP WAS ALMOST HERE!!!…

Android : 🎊Greatest President Ever🎉
🎊Retweet 1,000x’s!!! 🎉
#PresidentTrump Kills at Rally 🎊🎈🎁🎈🎁🎈🎁🎈🎁🎈🎁🎈…

Android : Best news for education in 60 years⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️🇺🇸…

Android : Alfie Evans has died

Socialized Healthcare systems continue to cost innocent lives

Reminder Democrats want that in America

Also a reminder millions of babies have died because Democrats support abortion

Say no to Socialism and Communist Policies

Android : Technology has become so advanced that faces can be digitally stitched onto someone else in videos, delivering a fake news message.

A new Jordan Peeled-backed PSA uses Obama & AI to warn against the proliferation of fake news.👇… via @Mashable

Android : In December, a complaint was filed against Hillarys campaign, DNC, Dem State Parties & Dem Donors for using straw men to circumvent donation limits & then launder the💲back to her campaign.
$84mill in #Crooked funds may be the LARGEST CAMPAIGN FINANCE SCANDAL in US History!