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Bio Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder
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Android : DOJ>FBI secret society lied to FISA Court Federal Judges to spy on the Trump Campaign.

This is the biggest scandal perpetrated by the US govt in the history of America.

They were #WithHer & used this insurance policy to oust Trump.

#ObamaGate FAIL🖕

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Android : False Flag Gun Grab

Sheriff Israel is out there pushing gun control now. He overlooked 20 calls about #NikolasCruz before shooting.

Another concerted effort by Looney Leftists to push anti-2A agenda aka gun control & to deflect from #ObamaGate.
Hes #WithHer

Android : Mass shootings are more common now, because society has changed.

Hollyweird glorifies gun violence.
Crap Rap glorifies gang/gun violence.
Video games glorify rape/murder/gun violence.

Yet, Liberals want to blame Trump/GOP.🤔

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich🎬👇

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Android : Liberals...

Its pathetic that you politicize every mass shooting to further your anti-2A agenda.

FBI is solely at fault for not doing its job when they had the chance to stop Cruz.

NO, Trump Did Not Make It Easier For Mentally Ill People To Buy Guns.…

Android : I will fight to #DrainTheSwamp, secure our borders, protect good paying jobs, and stop disastrous trade deals! - Christina Hagan


Join her campaign today:

#OH16 #MAGA 🇺🇸

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Android : Sol Watch Chuck #CUCK Schumer flip/flop on ILLEGALS over the years. Hypocrisy!!

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Android : You have been.......Chuck Rolled

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Android : Obamas FBI holdovers knew about the Libtard Florida shooter.

They didnt follow up on tips that this moron was emboldened to be the next big mass murderer.

Maybe, the FBI should have stepped away from fake news Trump/Russia probe & focused on credible threats to our citizens.

Android : Liberals are completely deranged with HATRED for Trump supporters, thanks to Globalist MSM spewing fake news 24/7.

Blame MSM for the divide.

Thank God for President Trump Trump fighting back, exposing the fake news media as the partisan hacks they are.


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Android : Dearest Liberals,

I know this is a vexed question for all of you, but please try to brainstorm for the sake of every child killed in a mass shooting at school. This means life or death.

Seriously, think about it like your own childs life depended on it.

Common Sense POP QUIZ:

Android : I strongly recommend everyone get their lifetime license to carry.

With all these 😲Looney Liberals out there, fueled with fake news hatred for Trump supporters, you never know when youll need to defend yourself.👊💥

I refuse to be a statistic in this civil war. #2A #MAGA🇺🇸

Android : Every mass shooting has a Democrat pulling the trigger, followed by Democrats calling for more gun control.

If Liberals would stop shooting people, gun violence would practically cease in America.

Good guys w/ guns is the only way to stop these deranged liberal shooters.


Android : Well, well, well...

This is what happens when Deep State FBI is too busy spying on Trump. They are to blame for the shooting yesterday:
The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From YouTube User Named Nicholas Cruz In September.…

Android : Radical Liberal Terrorism is the biggest problem here.

Looney Leftists are absorbing the MSM propaganda, pushing them over the edge.

Nicholas Cruz followed Resistance groups online.

He is a registered Democrat.

He hates America & MAGA.

Guns dont kill people, Liberals do.

Android : These times are troubling.

Evil forces are out to destroy Western Civilization.

Deep State Globalists like George Soros bank on collapse of society, so they can swoop in with NWO rule. They control the MSM propaganda machine.

Don't fear though...

The Dark Messiah is saving us…

Android : Looney Leftists are calling for Gun Control again, of course. MSM never misses an opportunity to politicize a tragedy for their anti-2A agenda.

Guns dont kill people.
People kill people.

We need to defend our children from lunatics, who were poorly raised & mental.


Android : Why don't we protect our school children w/ guns?!

We protect our banks, politicians, & borders w/ guns, but not our precious kids.

We need NRA trained armed Security Guards inside every US school, along w/ 2 cops in parking lot.

#Parkland #nicholascruz…