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Twitter Web Client : Its time to embark on an incredible adventure.

#GodofWar is now available on PS4.

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TweetDeck : 👩🏻‍🎓💬 Want to improve your English speaking skills?

Try these 3️⃣ simple tips:

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TweetDeck : Prerequisite = required prior condition: Econ 1 is a *prerequisite* for Econ 2.

Perquisite (perk) = benefit: Jo loves her job’s *perquisites*, including 90 days of vacation time and unlimited use of the company car.

TweetDeck : Exacerbate = make worse

Exasperate = irritate, annoy, make furious 😠💢

*Exacerbating* his already bad day, the elusive and seemingly invincible mosquito *exasperated* Saitama.

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TweetDeck : “Break a leg” = good luck on your performance!

👩🏻‍🎤 As Jo walked toward the stage to perform her song, Chanyeol said, “Break a leg.” 👍🏻


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