Bio Children are dying before our eyes in Syria. This can be stopped. It needs to stop now. #ChildrenUnderAttack
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Hootsuite : Toxic air is putting millions of babies developing brains and lungs at risk.

In the lead up to #EarthDay, RT to spread this message and beat pollution now. #EarlyMomentsMatter

Hootsuite : Love.

The first 1000 days represent a critical moment in a child’s cognitive development. We need more investment in early childhood & support for parents, caregivers & communities worldwide. #EarlyMomentsMatter #WBGMeetings

Twitter Web Client : Education is one of the first things lost during conflict, and often the last to be restored. Together - we can change this.

Great news below for #ChildrenUnderAttack ⬇️ twitter.com/UNICEF_uk/stat…

Twitter Web Client : Syrian children cannot wait for peace.
They need education now.

#ChildrenUnderAttack #NoLostGeneration #YouPromised twitter.com/Dynamomagician…

Media Studio : Every woman and girl has a right to feel safe.


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Hootsuite : Pick me! Pick me! A young girl is excited to answer a teacher’s question at a UNICEF-supported school for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti.


iPhone : Good luck Sona! Seeing young people like you raising climate awareness is so inspiring. Thanks to you and to our key partners for being champions for children. #ClimateComic

Hootsuite : Every single action counts.

In the lead up to #EarthDay, RT to raise children’s voices taking #ClimateAction.

Hootsuite : How to change the world in three simple steps 👇👇👇

Words of wisdom from a young #ClimateActivist in the lead up to #EarthDay.

Hootsuite : 👨‍🎨🌎✨🐯🎨🎼🎤🚲💚✏️📚

Artists, scientists, inventors, illustrators, creators, young activists taking #ClimateAction! LIVE from the United Nations 👇 uni.cf/2JVKzF7

Media Studio : We need the best of friends in the worst of times.


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Hootsuite : For healthy lungs,
For healthy brains,

Babies need fresh air from their very first breath. Help us spread this message in the lead up to #EarthDay. RT! #EarlyMomentsMatter

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Hootsuite : Quality education is a basic right and a wise investment to make societies more stable, peaceful and prosperous.

Were starting with early childhood programmes, reaching children & youth living in emergencies and poverty, and making sure schooling equals learning. #WBGMeetings

Twitter Web Client : Ahead of #EarthDay 🌎, we’re LIVE with two inspiring girls: America’s top young scientist Gitanjali Rao 👩‍🔬 and the winner of our Climate Comic Contest Sona Sridhar 👩‍🎨. We have some exciting giveaways! Watch now → uni.cf/2H8YmKZ

Hootsuite : Ami was just 12-years-old when she died from malaria.

This is how her heroic father is keeping her memory alive in Senegal. BBC News (World) #ReadyToBeatMalaria uni.cf/2qKkp04