Bio 7 years of hell.
7 years of hate.
7 years of fear.
7 years of danger.
7 years of heartbreak.
7 years of devastation.
7 years of #ChildrenUnderAttack in Syria.

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Media Studio : “I keep thinking about what is happening to us. Are we going to die?”

A question a child should never ask but a devastating reality for so many Syrian children after 7 years of war. #ChildrenUnderAttack

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Hootsuite : “I dream of a world full of trees, nice houses and a blue sky”, says 12-year-old Fatima, who attends a UNICEF-supported learning centre in #Yemen.


Hootsuite : Great news! An update on Richard, who gained fame last month for teaching computer technology without computers CNN uni.cf/2tSnQ97

Hootsuite : The horrific images and videos being posted online from #Syria show no sign of stopping. But is anyone still paying attention? #ChildrenUnderAttack BuzzFeed uni.cf/2DyCJgl

Twitter Web Client : I am deeply concerned by the desperation of the people fleeing from Eastern Ghouta and Afrin in Syria. The UN and its partners are ready to bring life-saving aid to all those in need. We must have safe and unimpeded humanitarian access. bit.ly/2G2lGJ0

Hootsuite : 'You never get used to living like this'

Seven-year-old Rouaa has lived most of her life in a camp in Lebanon for Syrian refugees and dreams of a better life. #ChildrenUnderAttack BBC News (World) uni.cf/2G39FDf

Media Studio : I dont know how to read or write. I only know how to draw the sky, the sea and the sun. Fares, from Syria. #ChildrenUnderAttack

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Hootsuite : In loving memory of three fallen heroes, Dr. Kachi, Yawe and Ibrahim, aid workers who dedicated their lives serving people affected by conflict in NE Nigeria. #NotATarget UNOCHA UNICEF Nigeria uni.cf/2FLxRGx

Twitter Web Client : Children showed clear signs of malnutrition. Most of the very young children were also Vitamin D deficient and cannot walk properly. UNICEF is providing support for children and families fleeing #EasternGhouta #ChildrenUnderAttack unicef.org/media/media_10…

Hootsuite : A loving father carrying his most precious possession away from fierce fighting in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

Were on the ground providing emergency assistance.


Media Studio : Ivines journey from Syria is a story no child should ever imagine, let alone endure. #ChildrenUnderAttack

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Hootsuite : Japan is the safest place to be born according to our new report.

Help make the whole 🌎 safer for newborn babies by signing our petition today → uni.cf/actnow