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iPhone : Procrastination is BOOTY, pre-order NOW:
#NewDay 🍩Austin Creed🍩 King T’Kofi ShinigamE

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iPhone : Yes, we’re wearing kente because it’s Black Panther season & Black History Month. No, you should not come for us because you think we’re being divisive & schismatic. Yes, we’re going to take some time to acknowledge our dreads, our Afro puffs, and our chocolatey skin.

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iPhone : As a child, I got one of those Beetlejuice dolls that hits its catchphrases when you pull the string. I ran out of the room crying as soon as I opened it. It was quickly returned & replaced by a Steve Urkel doll.
I say all that to say this: the horror categorization is correct.…

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iPhone : I’m going to print this list out on toilet paper. So I can wipe my cheeks with it.…

iPhone : Such a splendid human being and wrestling mind. Still remember watching her main roster debut backstage at an FCW house show. Oh Lawd, that was over 8 years ago...…

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iPhone : I had to console him after we put our foot betwixt BC’s cheeks. #GoHawks…