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iPhone : It’s been 5 days since Tennessee lawmakers refused to denounce Nazis and the KKK.

They think the news will die down and we will forget about the whole thing.

They are wrong.

iPhone : I've said that Michael Cohen implied to The New York Post in mid-2013 that Trump would run, and that Trump was letting Russians know he'd run by late 2013. Since I said that, the confirmed latest date for Trump deciding to run has been pushed back from June 2015 again and again.…

iPhone : Dear Cambridge Analytica: Yesterday you tweeted that you are just a data analytics company. Looks like you do more than just data analytics.

Also, did you collude with the Russians in 2016?


iPhone : The only surprise about this morning’s school shooting in #Maryland is that it took so long to happen. God dammit. God damn this country and it’s obsession with guns and a faulty constitutional amendment that should be repealed

#March4OurLives #neveragain

iPhone : "Great Mills High School" Americans are playing Russian Roulette with their children every day in America. I am so sick of the pro-gun attitude in this country. Countries with tight gun control do not have this problem.

iPhone : Thanks to Cambridge Analytica, we know Trump...

1) Created oppo research dossiers
2) Created fake news
3) Used stolen data
4) Distributed stolen emails
5) Received illicit foreign money

As usual, Trump is guilty of everything he has accused Hillary Clinton of doin' and more.

iPhone : Got <5 seconds? Frustrated about the #parklandshooting? Want to let the NRA know about it? Join here! #joinusandpostthis #ShapingtheFuturenow

iPhone : To my House and Senate colleagues:

If the President causes a constitutional crisis by firing Mueller, no one can credibly claim that they could not see it coming. The time to speak out, to defend our system of checks and balances, is now.

iPhone : Must watch

Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix admits that they have entrapped and bribed politicians

Needless to say, this is illegal in the US & the UK

Important note: This is the Data firm that helped Trump's campaign, is funded by the Mercers, & Bannon was the former VP…

iPhone : My takeaway from Trump's "opioids plan" announcement so far...
Brown people!!
Build a wall!!!
Democrats won't trade DACA for 1927 immigration policy!
Sanctuary cities!!!
Brown people!!!!
Death penalty for drug dealers like Duterte who kills drug dealers!!
I think that's about it.

iPhone : Mike Levin Trump proves incapable of tweeting without god America- is it really worth it just to avoid admitting you were wrong?

iPhone : While Trump’s lawyers speak of cooperating with Mueller, Trump attacks him on Twitter.

Meanwhile, our country faces real problems and a president who can’t govern.

Trump continues to prove that he is incapable of providing the steady leadership we deserve from our president.

iPhone : Trump's new lawyer now attacking FBI Director Christopher Wray. Director Wray is a Republican who donated over $37k exclusively to GOP candidates. To suggest he is somehow anti Trump is ridiculous and shows the desperation of Donald J. Trump and his attorneys.…

iPhone : New: ACLU responds to Trump requiring WH staff to sign nondisclosures. “Public employees can’t be gagged by private agreements. These so-called NDAs are unconstitutional and unenforceable,” per Ben Wizner, ACLU’s speech and privacy director.

iPhone : 60 weeks.

422 days.

Thousands of lies.

Multiple staff shakeups.

Dozens of regressive policies.

Countless attempts to obstruct justice.

And zero actions taken to confront future Russian interference in our…