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Bio President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Personal tweets from Dr. Ashraf Ghani are signed - AG.
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iPhone : The #Afghan government apologizes to the families of the victims of the air strike that caused civilians casualties in Dasht-e-Archi of #Kunduz. The key difference between the government and insurgents is that a legitimate government will always seek forgiveness for mistakes.

iPhone : I welcome this Islamic position, faith in peace, and call for clarity that scholars from the rest of the Muslim world to play a positive role in eliminating terrorism, violence and extremism in #Afghanistan and the region.

iPhone : A joint session of the Ulema Summit in Indonesia regarding peace and stability in #Afghanistan overwhelmingly endorsed and shed light on the values of peace under religious beliefs.

iPhone : The e-Tazkira program generates a variety of benefits for individuals, businesses, and government including paving way for facilitating commerce in the digital economy, enabling e-government services and their speedy delivery, and improving security for online transactions.

iPhone : We also discussed President Trump South Asia strategy that has been a game changer since the announcement, and talked about strengthening the Afghan Air Force, peace process and to provide effective emergency and medical support to ANDSF.

iPhone : I condemn the heinous terrorist attacks in Kabul and Pul-e-Khumri.
I wish Allah’s mercy upon those who martyred, speedy recovery to the wounded, and convey my deep condolences to victims’ families. I instructed relevant institutions to provide support and care to those affected.

iPhone : We hope the impact of the drought will be limited and with help from these ministries our agriculture sector will make a quick recovery.

iPhone : In order to avoid long term effects of the drought I have ordered the relevant ministries to pay particular attention to the needs of farmers and livestock producers.

iPhone : Farmers are facing severe challenges with limited harvests and as a result they anticipate lower yields. Feeding cattle during drought is an added challenge for livestock producers who are already greatly affected due to the depletion of pasture and water resources.

iPhone : I ordered the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior to provide emergency support to MAIL to deliver and distribute the feed to mitigate the devastating impact of the prolonged drought on livestock and livestock producers.

iPhone : This evening I spoke with corps commanders about the extensive drought in the North and the North-West from the Tawheed Command Center. #Afghanistan

iPhone : I also directed the relevant officials to provide women with the necessary facilities to participate in the voter registration process, and at the same time, I instructed security forces to safeguard polling stations.

iPhone : I asked the governors to direct civil servants and their family members who are eligible to vote to take part in this critical process.

iPhone : I instructed the minister of Hajj Awqaf to make sure that in Friday prayers local imams encourage people to participate in voter registration process.

iPhone : Today I spoke with the governors of 34 provinces and commanders of the armed forces through videoconference from the Tawheed Command Center to speed up the voter registration process. #Afghanistan

iPhone : دغه راز مې اړوندو مسوولینو ته لارښوونه وکړه چې د رای ورکوونکو د نوم لیکنې پروسه کې د ګډون لپاره ښځو ته لازمې اسانتیاوې برابرې او په عین حال کې مې د وسلوالو ځواکونو مسوولینو ته د مرکزونو د امنیت د ټینګښت په خاطر لازمې لارښوونې وکړې.

iPhone : د هېواد د ۳۴ ولایتونو والیانو ته مې لارښوونه وکړه، چې دولتي مامورین او د دوی د کورنیو هغه غړي چې د نوم لیکنې په شرایطو برابر دي راتلونکې اونۍ نوم لیکنه وکړي.