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Bio Thinking about ALL AFGHANS who get up each morning and DONT have the OPTION of just walking away from it ALL. #AFGHANISTANYOUNEVERSEE. Afghan journalist.
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iPhone : #AFG Some people in a wedding party were responsible for gunfire on airport road in Kabul city after 2:00 AM tonight. Kabul police has identified a number of people, a Kabul police officer tells me.

iPhone : #AFG Heavy fighting underway between #ANDSF and Taliban in Helmand’s Nad-E Ali district. Taliban launched an attack against police posts and positions, police and local residents in Nad-E Ali district tells me.

iPhone : #AFG Beating West Indies is the beginning. We have a long way and let’s take them one step at a time. Please avoid amateur celebrations. Instead, shout. Well played blue tigers.

iPhone : #AFG ONLY Quality cricket will guarantee us a spot in the Cricket World Cup 2019. We haven’t earned to be in the Super Six Qualifiers. It was miracle we made it. Thanks to NEPALE.…

iPhone : 1.#AFG Taliban have gathered in large numbers from Farah, Kandahar, Helmand, Nimroz and Herat province - they want to launch an attack against provincial Capital and a number of strategic and adjacent districts. I call on the central government and Resolute Support to urgently

iPhone : #AFG At least 15 members of ANDSF killed last night in Farah city in a Taliban attack. At least 10 members of ANDSF wounded, multiple sources in Farah province tells me.

iPhone : #AFG Taliban V released video footage of #ANDSF killed on the battle field including Afghan SF in Farah.Footage too grotesque 2share.Will there be an investigation?Who let down ANDSF?Do we ever learn a lesson from these tragedies?Or we will have it under the rug? وزارت دفاع ملی (MoD)

iPhone : #AFG Taliban Special Forces - Red/Fire units from Helmand’s Mousa Qala and Nawzad have gone to Farah. Taliban have dispatched reinforcements from Helmand to Farah. They are preparing for major offensives, Counter - terrorism officials in Helmand province tells me.

iPhone : 1.#AFG A green truck packed with explosives was spotted by a police patrol in Nad- E Ali district’s Sayed Abad area in Helmand province - a policemen Samiullah stopped the car for searching when the bomber detonated his explosives -at least2 police including Samiullah from Kunar

iPhone : #AFG Innocent loss of life - at least 8 members of one family killed in Bati Koat district of Ningarhar last night. Their vehicle was hit with an RPG by militants. #Costsofwar photo via FACEBOOK

iPhone : It is more complicated. Farah and Nimroz are strategically important for drug and human traffickers. Big chunk of drugs trafficked from Helmand depend on safe routes through Farah and Nimroz. Remember some people are not happy about TAPI. Also the WATER issue. List is long!…

iPhone : #AFG A money exchanger carrying 1.3millionUSD was murdered by armed kidnappers NKBL’s Syasang last night.He was killed close 2a police post.A trader tells me,2day, we Vclosed DSaray Shahzada.WeR protesting lack of safety for traders&how this murder took place close 2Dpolice post

iPhone : #AFG Fighting continues between ANDSF and Taliban in and around Anar Dara district. ANDSF have taken back the district building. We have no further details at this stage, Farah Provincial Council Chief Farid BAKHTAWAR tells me.