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iPhone : getting mad at someone because they’re expressing what upsets them is childish & it doesn’t show you care at all. instead of flipping the situation & blaming them, ask them where you went wrong & how you can fix it. even if it’s not that deep to you, it could be serious to them

iPhone : the truth is, the more chances you give someone to hurt you the less respect they start to have for you. they’ll take advantage of your forgiveness. they won’t be afraid to lose you b/c they think you’ll never walk away. never let a person get comfortable with disrespecting you

iPhone : for anyone who needs it. take a shower, wash off the day. drink a glass of water. make the room dark. lie down & close your eyes. notice the silence. notice your heart. still beating. still fighting. you made it, another day. and you can make it one more. you’re doing just fine

iPhone : ppl fail to realize that moving on does not mean forget. moving on means that you accept that the past is the past. moving on means that you do remember, but still try to carry on. no one can forget, our minds don’t erase. you just try to live your life w/o them. still standing

Twitter Web Client : i don’t think ppl realize one of the worst feelings is when u tell someone how u feel about a situation & instead of them trying to be understanding & apologize or make things right, they find a way to flip it on u & play victim. don’t deal with ppl who can’t admit they’re wrong

Twitter Web Client : If someone really wants to be with u & cares, u wont have to ask them to call you. You wont have to ask them to come see u. & you won’t have to ask them how they feel. You’d be one of their top priorities & you’d feel like it. Ppl only put in effort for things that matter to them

Twitter Web Client : in case u needed to hear this today, u aren’t less of a person b/c u have panic attacks. u aren’t less of a person b/c u have anxiety. u aren’t less of person b/c u have depression. u aren’t less of a person for having mental issues. u are a gift & you are worthy of love. period