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Bio PhD candidate at USC: #deeplearning #healthcare. Distance runner. #Tolkien podcaster with @tolkienprof @tolkienmaven. @teresakales biggest fan #girlmeetsworld.
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iPhone : A healthcare PHD's take on production: Dave Kale great job dave! First post I've seen by an academic where production isn't a paper :D twitter.com/java/status/96…

TweetDeck : While the full storyline was fanciful (WAM more closely resembled the near-human robots of scifi films of yore than it did modern AI), that specific detail is not unimaginable given recent #deeplearning successes in modeling speech, music, and other audio... 2/2

TweetDeck : Anyone else catch the #DeepLearning reference in latest season of Mozart in the Jungle Mozart in the Jungle? In Season 4, Episode 6 (“Domo Arigato”) Rodrigo meets a robot named WAM who “completed" Mozart's Requiem using a (I assume) a neural net trained on Mozart’s body of work... 1/2

iPhone : I'm a SWE Google. I don't enjoy math, puzzles or tinkering. I worked really hard to get here simply because it seemed like a great way to fund my goals of providing for a future Black wife and Black babies. I think it's important that narratives like this be allowed to exist.

TweetDeck : More questions for next time, really Tolkien Professor?

(1) Helcaraxe: ‘nough said
(2) How do we portray futility of Noldor’s war against Morgoth?
(3) How do we manage Feanor’s psychology at the end?
(4) Setting up the spiders

#FEAvsBAL #silmfilm #tolkien #silmarillion Tolkien Maven

TweetDeck : Tolkien Professor) 's Twitter Profile">Tolkien Professor Tolkien Maven) 's Twitter Profile">Tolkien Maven Punting Tilion to next episode w/ questions:

(1) Morgoth’s attack on moon: anticipate it here?
(2) Dark shadow aerial spirits that attack moon? Connection to dragons?
(3) Aurora lights?

#FEAvsBAL #silmfilm #tolkien #silmarillion Tolkien Professor) 's Twitter Profile">Tolkien Professor Tolkien Maven) 's Twitter Profile">Tolkien Maven

TweetDeck : Oops we detour into portrayal of the Valar during the “elf storyline.” Dovetails with earlier conversation about changing “scale” of story as focus changes from Valar to elves (to eventually men and hobbits) #FEAvsBAL #silmfilm #tolkien #silmarillion Tolkien Professor Tolkien Maven

TweetDeck : Discussing aftermath of last episode’s Battle in South (Boldog, orcs, Thingol, Nandor, Eol, ents, etc.). Question: where were the dwarves? Late arrival is perhaps seed of estrangement b/t elves, dwarves of Beleriand #silmfilm #tolkien #silmarillion Tolkien Professor Tolkien Maven

TweetDeck : Next debate: how does Amras respond to death of twin brother Amrod? Turn back on oath, or double down and become most strident supporter? In either case, we feel we need to kill him off earlier in story #FEAvsBAL #silmfilm #tolkien #silmarillion Tolkien Professor Tolkien Maven

TweetDeck : NOTE: Gothmog does NOT engage directly in initial sortie. In general, we only want to involve Balrogs in important, emotionally impactful, one-on-one confrontations with main characters (who subsequently die!) #FEAvsBAL #silmfilm #tolkien #silmarillion Tolkien Professor Tolkien Maven