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Twitter Web Client : Ladylibrarian#22 All the AAA/AA/A clubs near me are far away, out in different counties, and I hate traveling. I do like the Stripers' name, though, as they share it with my cat. She's Stripes, but sometimes I call her Striper.

Twitter Web Client : Ladylibrarian#22 Wrigley is maybe a 40-minute drive for me, and parking is crazy expensive since there's no parking lot, so you have to use SpotHero or whatever. I could take the train but that takes forever (90 minutes?) plus it gets so crowded after a game.

Twitter Web Client : Ladylibrarian#22 Isn't SunTrust out in the boonies? The stadium is so pretty but it never looks full. I try to get out to Wrigley maybe 3-5 times a year. They've turned it into a capitalist's dream with all the billboards and signage, but it still retains some of the old school feel.

Twitter Web Client : Basil Mahmud Exactly. Him and Russo are just trying to rile people up because that is how they keep relevant. I honestly think guys like Omega and the Bucks are working with him, because they keep responding to him instead of blocking. You'd think they know better by now. Or maybe they do? 🤔

Twitter Web Client : Ladylibrarian#22 Got my Rizzo jersey ready, even though he's doing pretty poorly right now. We have great seats and they're playing a decent-at-best ball club in the Giants, so they might have a good shot at winning this one.

Twitter Web Client : "Corny said something I disagree with, better respond to him, thereby increasing his publicity and furthering his name, extending his fame that should have all but died out by now."


Twitter Web Client : Do people not understand Cornette is working them and by responding to him, you're giving him what he wants? C'mon, you've got to be better than that.

Twitter Web Client : Annual Cubs game tomorrow with my mom. Will they score 10 runs? Will they be shut out and leave 11 runners on base? Will I be able to see behind that new, obnoxious netting they've installed? Only time will tell.

Twitter Web Client : BB Not true. I'd say like 80% of men would take you, if you just wanted it bad enough. "Status" doesn't matter to men as much as it does to women, I don't think.

Twitter Web Client : Overall, I'm happy to be attending the show. I've got friendos coming, and a big bag of barbecue chips at the ready to snack on, because LOL Logan Square's lack of food. If the matches are good, that's an added bonus. 👍

Twitter Web Client : On paper, Lucha Bros. vs. Reed and Fox could steal the weekend, and Miguel vs. DJZ + Rascalz/Strickland vs. OI4K could be white hot. Again, I emphasize "on paper," because whether or not the matches deliver is always a point of conversation 'round here.

Twitter Web Client : What a great day for live wrestling. I will be at AAW tonight, and I think the card, at least what of it is announced, looks pretty solid. Whether or not I come away from it feeling the same way has yet to be seen, but I am willing to keep my mind open.

Twitter Web Client : I miss wrestling when the announcer types didn't have to do that awkward stance with their legs to make wrestlers appear taller.…

Twitter Web Client : BB Hard-core steroids. Women want themselves a beefcake alpha male fulla testosterone, well, here I come!

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