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Android : My friends newborn had cardiac issues & needed immediate surgery. She survived, to everyones delight!

The top number is what they paid because they have a job with great insurance.

The bottom one represents their lifetime of crushing debt & bankruptcy if they didnt.

Android : This is officially the crispiest video I’ve ever seen.

Shot with 3X RED Weapon VV cameras stitched together.

100 megapixels per frame.

Uploaded in 8K.

RIP your GPU.

Well done Phil Holland


Android : The new battery estimate that displays the exact time-of-death might be my favorite Android P2 feature. I want to see this message permanently on the always-on display. It cures my battery anxiety.

Android : Besides the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and second-gen Pixel Buds, a reliable source tells me -- with high confidence -- that Google's fall hardware event will also introduce a Pixel-branded watch. Have a great summer!

Android : Just received an email from a wealthy Nigerian Prince. He told me that he doesn’t have any fortune to share with me at the moment but he would appreciate if I could let him know before May 25th if I wish to continue receiving emails.

Android : Rene Mayrhofer Yes, but whatever System UI element I had open when locking the screen, it was visible through the lockscreen. E.g. a launcher folder. The recents screen ofc being the most severe, I could see chat history for example. After a device reboot, the issue was gone.

Android : So Human Driver #1 runs a red light and Human Driver #2 has to serve out of the way to not hit them. Human Driver 2 loses control and drifts into oncoming traffic, striking Driver #3.

Driver 3 was a Waymo car, so what's the title?

"Self-driving car crash in Arizona" twitter.com/abc15/status/9…

Android : Two simple rules for better one-handed #Android user experience. Would love to see major improvements at #googleio2018 next week. #UX #UI #Google #developers

Android : Ever wondered what data is in your #boardingpass barcode? This is why you shouldn’t photograph it or even post which airline you’re flying with....#SocialEngineering #OSINT The People Hacker red-goat.com/social-enginee…

Android : Here's some puzzle solving fun for a Friday night.

As we developed Windows, one of the minor decisions we had to make was what wallpaper to use for various internal builds.

These builds always leaked outside of Microsoft, so we knew that the wallpapers would also end up public.