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iPhone : Miami Dolphins News The worst you’ve ever seen?

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iPhone : He was the OC of the best passing offense of all time, has elevated Cutler and Tannehill to their best seasons as pros when he worked with them a full season... he’s good. And the league knows this…

iPhone : Totally just floating this out there, but imagine Gase with Paxton’s physical tools? Could be worth a shot🤔…

iPhone : The #Dolphins have interest in bringing back TE Dion Sims, per source.
The question is: will the Chicago Bears release him?
He’s due a fairly sizeable bonus in the coming days, definitely a situation to monitor if you’re a Dolphins fan.

iPhone : Also to this - Dolphins believe Tannehill is the franchise QB. Makes that move even more unlikely. And don’t get me wrong, y’all know I really like Mayfield/Rosen. I just can’t see it right now…

iPhone : Philly got their picks back from multiple trade aways that were absolute steals. Sam Bradford for a first and late pick? If you think the Dolphins can pull moves like that then sure, but I know that they can’t.…

iPhone : I don’t think Mayfield is there at 11. For sure it’s possible, and for sure the media is higher on him than the actual league, but QB needy teams will trade into the top 10. It’s hard to see him fall.

On the other hand, OAK signing of Tahir Whitehead makes Roquan @ 11 likely.

iPhone : #Dolphins don’t have the resources to trade up in the draft. If they do, it’ll set us up for failure regardless of how good Mayfield/Rosen becomes. They need ALL draft picks for the culture change. The past few have been a start.

iPhone : I honestly think we got better at the C position today so it’s going to work out just fine for all parties involved. Mike knew his worth, and you can’t blame him for that. Kilgore is a good player on a cheaper deal, much more stable health wise too. It’s all good.

iPhone : You say he’s not worth it, but what basis are you going off of? Because he’s about to make a full $8-9M AT LEAST per year in free agency. That means he’s worth double what the Dolphins were asking. Your own personal opinion of a player doesn’t determine his worth.…

iPhone : I’m just tweeting about Mike for the simple fact that at first, Adam Schefter stated that Mike requested his release. That’s the opposite of what happened. The Dolphins went at him.
Schefty made Mike seem like the bad guy and he wasn’t. That’s all!

iPhone : Kilgore was great as a leader in SF. I really thought that was a GREAT move from the Dolphins. One of the better moves we made, to be quite honest.
We lost a very athletic player on the inside though, and I hope that our interior can hang on the strength that all 3 have…

iPhone : Pouncey should’ve been happy that they asked him to cut his salary in half? What world do you live on?…

iPhone : I’m not taking any sides here - the NFL is a business. I don’t trust Mikes hips, nor do the Dolphins. They’re very messed up. All in all I think today was a very good day when looking at the roster on paper. But Mike was a captain. Not easy to replace in that sense

iPhone : G5 didn’t take a pay cut. He reconstructed. Massive difference. He doesn’t lose any money.…